PEARL SUITE (Package for Effective Administration of Registration Laws)-Property Registration for Department of Registration,Government of Kerala


PEARL SUITE (Package for Effective Administration of Registration Laws)-Property Registration for Department of Registration,Government of Kerala Objective/Description:-

PEARLSUITE is a joint project of Registration department, Government of Kerala and National Informatics Centre, Government of India for computerizing activities of sub registrar offices of Kerala. The software is developed using open source technology as per GOK guidelines. It deploys a public interface for citizen centric online service delivery (PEARL_NET), a web portal for Department of Registration (PEARL CMS), a web application as intranet for SRO activities (Open PEARL). It is a web based, multilingual system with SMS, digital Signature and e-payment integration providing services to Citizen, Government, Banks, and other stake holders like document writers, advocates etc. Integration with ReLIS (Revenue Land Information System) enables automatic change of ownership in Village records. Integrated with SSDG (State Service Delivery Gateway) and e-Taal (Electronic transaction aggregation layer)

Implementation Status:
Implemented in 312/314 Sub registrar offices as on 30-April-2016

E-payment SMS Integration Digital Signature Integration E-Taal Integration (Electronic Transaction Aggregation layer) integration SSDG Integration (State Service Delivery Gateway) E-stamping (piloted) Integration with Treasury Department for e-payment and e-stamping Integration of Revenue and Registration in 572 Village offices across Kerala as on 30-April-2016 E-Payment enabled for all on-line services. Digitally signed Encumbrance Certificate at applicant’s door steps.

PEARL_NET - Citizen centric online service delivery web portal

Introduction of E-stamping eliminates fake stamp paper, increases revenue and improves transparency and enables citizen empowerment Public can apply online for Encumbrance Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Certified Copies, List Certificate etc. SMS Alert at every point of change of activity Online E-submission of documents for registration enables the citizen in streamlining the Registration process Citizen can schedule appointment for registration Online submission of filing of Gehan/Gehan Release reduces the effort of Co-operative Societies and Banks MIS reports and Queries for information at finger tips Public can view the scanned copy of the document anytime All the Documents/Gehan/Sub Registrar Office related queries available to public

OpenPEARL - Intranet Web application for SROs

Generation and issue of Digitally Signed Encumbrance Certificate Generation and issue of Marriage Certificate Generation and issue of Certified copy Generation and issue of List Certificate Registration of all types of Documents Scanning of registered documents Finger print and Photo capturing Auto generation of under valuation cases Auto information of memo cases Accounts and Reports for Sub Registrar offices Archival of the registered documents MIS queries for Government Back log data entry for marriage registration Data sharing for Audit & accounting Data sharing with treasury department

Outcome & Impacts

Centralized database hosted at State Data Centre enables information sharing in minimum time Data entry at Sub Registrar office is eliminateddue to online document submission Auto Preparation of all Accounts/Reports eliminates the effort of manual preparation Online Gehan filing/Gehan release helps to cut down work load of SR office staff and co-operative societies/banks Archival of documents enables easy retrieval and access Fair Value Integration helps to increase the revenue to the government Integration with Revenue to automate transfer of revenue Registry or land mutation enables the citizen in getting ownership updated automatically at village office Introduction of e-payment reduces number of visits to SR offices On-line e-submission of Documents empowers citizen Anywhere EC helps public to generate digitally signed EC from anywhere Online services aim to reduce frequent visit of citizens to the SR offices which in turn helps reduce corruption Centralised information on property transactions helps Government in decision making for better governance Introduction of E-Stamping eliminates fake stamp paper, increases revenue and improves transparency and citizen empowerment Centralised Database helps to retrieve MIS reports and Queries quickly

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