Petition Monitoring System for the Office of Honourable Lieutenan Governor of Puducherry


As a robust application for monitoring the petitions received from the public as well as the action taken by the concerned departments, the Honourable Lt. Governor entrusted NIC,Puducherry to develop an Online Petition Monitoring System with a back end department module. This system help to monitor and redress the petitions (grievance) received from the citizen from the various sources like eMail, Whatapp, Facebook, Twitter, Open House, written application, oral petition, Mobile SMS, etc. On an average, 100 petitions are received by the office. The system also allows the public to submit their grievance through web and the complaints are acknowledged and also gets a unique ID number for future correspondence through preferred mode of communications including SMS. Petitions from all sources are consolidated by the Administrator of the Petition Monitoring System. Public can get the status of an application at any time in the portal. Petitions are electronically received and forwarded to the department, action taken on the petitions are being updated by the department in this portal. Separate logins are provided to all the departments. The Dashboard which shows the statistical information on various category, source, department wise, month wise petitions and also gives the chart view of the progress. SMS is being sent to the petitioner for acknowledgement of registration and the status of an application when it’s closed.

Contact Details

V. Gopi Swaminathan

NIC, A Block, 4th Floor, Chief Secretariat, Puducherry