Project-District Court Information System


Connectiviy provided to all 20 courts by installing 50 systems and Printers connected to the 2 central servers

LAN established in the 2 buildings which are connected through fibre.

Complete backlog cases entry done and cause lists, judgements, orders etc are being generated through the software

Impact of the project

  • Pending cases information, Case-status .
  • Judgment of City Civil Courts .
  • Orders/Proceedings .
  • File tracing information .
  • Cause lists .
  • Notices .
  • System is being used by the Nodal officer for MIS related activities to monitor the progress of the implementation.
  • Information also available on the website :


Contact Details

Ajay Rampal

National Informatics Center 19
2nd Floor, Estate Office Building Sector 17, Chandigarh