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ReALCRaft is a demand driven project to enhance coastal security by identifying every fishing vessel with a unique registration number.The model started way back in 2008, when Government of Kerala, disappointed with repeated cases of missing boats, lack of uniformity, multiple registrations,duplicate engines,etc decided to have a uniform system of vessel registration. Licensing is still issued under the MFR Act, since licensing rules vary from state to state. The registration of vessels gives a vessel a unique identity. NIC is also planning to issue a boarding pass to all fishermen, every time they go out into the sea. This will allow security agencies an analytical insight on the number of trips made, including the fishermen who goes out frequently.

The main objectives are
  • To bring all the Indian fishing vessels (about 2 lakh )under one hub
  • To prepare National database for fishing vessels.
  • To regulate the movements of fishing vessels
  • To strengthen coastal security and security of fishermen in the sea.
  • To Prevent IUU-Illegal, unregistered and unreported vessels in the territorial waters
  • To facilitate optimum utilization of the fishery resources
  • Assists the coastal security agencies – is as a part of comprehensive coastal monitoring,control and surveillance system)
  • Back bone for other services to the fishermen like insurance claim,subsidy claim,fuel permit, monitoring the movements of crews etc

  • Helps coastal security agencies in uniquely identifying and monitoring the fishing vessels in the sea,keeping at bay illegal, unregistered and unreported activities. The project also guarantees security for our fishermen.
  • Improves coastal security,fishermen security, and ensures benefits such as kerosene and petrol subsidy along with insurance to fishermen
  • Rescue management for instance if any of our fisherman is arrested and detained by Pakistani / Sri lankan authorities, we can step in on the basis of information on our database and seek his release.

    Implementation Status
  • The ReALCRAFT Software successfully designed and piloted in Kerala; Gap Analysis was done to rollout software to all the 13 coastal States/UTs; Software has been successfully customized for national rolling out in 9 Coastal State and 4 UTs;
  • Site inspections done and provided technical guidance in site preparation at all ReALCRAFT Centres (166) in the country;
  • ICT infrastructure procured, deployed and commissioned at all ReALCRAFT centres in the country successfully; 166 ReALCRAFT centres are networked through MTNL/BSNL’s Broadband ;
  • Series of training and sensitization programmes organised for the fisheries department officials (around 4000 officials);
  • ReALCRAFT Software has been successfully security audited by CERT-IN empanelled third party auditor as mandated by the Ministry of Home Affairs;
  • To ensure scalability, reliability and availability,security audited software has been deployed on secure dedicated servers at the NIC Internet Data Centre, Hyderabad (;
  • Operational from 166 locations along the coastal line.
  • Around 3laks vessels have been registered
  • Around 800 users are accessing the system
  • Stakeholders-Navy, Coast Guards, Marine Police, Fisheries Authorities, Ministry of Home Affairs, DRDO Labs associated with Coastal Security, DGLL etc.
  • Legal issues-Marine Shipping Act 1988 modified
  • Security agnecies like Coast Guards , DGLL uses Registration No.(Unique) in their National Automatic Identification System (NAIS) for Fishing Vessels

    People who benefit from the project include fishing vessel owners, security agencies like coast guard, navy, coastal police; fisheries department and related agencies of 9 coastal states and 4 UTs; Merchantile Marine Department; MPEDA; DGLL; insurance agencies, and state and union ministries.

    Awards and recognitions received by ReAL Craft
  • Skoch Order of Merit 2015
  • CSI Nihilent e-Governance Awards 2014-15
  • Best eINDIA award 2014
  • Best e-goverennace award 2013
  • Manthan award 2011

  • Contact Details

    State Informatics Officer,
    NIC Kerala State Centre,
    CDAC Building, Vellayambalam,