RSPCB (Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board)


The project relates to establishment of computer based system by fulfilling the Hardware, Software and Networking Requirements and eliminating the existing drawbacks of the system for better Information compilation, dissemination and sharing throughout the department including 10 Regional Offices and Clients for better decision making and quick responses of the queries. The project will be beneficial to the Government, Central Pollution Control Board, RSPCB itself, Industries and the Indian Community by providing the correct and authentic online Information. The Project scope is to develop, deliver, install and implement automated application systems for the various sections in the department to fulfill the need of Reliable, Auto-Responsive, Semi-Decision, Paperless and cost effective computer based transparent system for Information Compilation, Dissemination and Sharing throughout the department and the customers. The various MIS developed for the department are Cess management, Consent Management for Industries and Mines, Laboratory Management, Hazardous & Bio-medical waste management, Personnel Information system, Store management, Receipt & Dispatch, Payroll, Budget Management, Public Grievances, Court Case Monitoring System, Library Management and Visitors Monitoring System.

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