SAKSHAM Online Scholarship Management System in Uttar Pradesh


SAKSHAM Online Scholarship Management System in Uttar PradeshObjective/Description

‘Saksham’or eScholarship–major step towards financial inclusion was initiated as a project of hope for children belonging to the weaker sections of the society and uphold their right-to-education. The project was aimed to reach the right and deserving candidates within time frame and without leakages, increase transparency in distribution of scholarships, provide speedy transfer of scholarships to the students, prevent frauds, minimize misappropriation of funds,build a comprehensive MIS for the Government & devise a tool for proper monitoring,control & planning for the state government.

It is the first of its kind project in the country to have used IT based initiative for electronic transfer of scholarships directly to the bank account of beneficiaries. It manages the scholarship system right from the primary stage till the student attains professional qualifications and becomes an asset for the society and the country. The project uses the inherent strength of Internet and its excellent outreach and feedback capabilities for ushering in transparency in the system. It has streamlined the distribution of scholarships across the state and helps in timely disbursal of funds with auto-generation of department-wise scholarship demand for each district and school and has considerably reduced the chances of fraudulent schools/colleges claiming scholarships. It is being used for distribution of Pre-Matric (Class 9-10),Post-Matric Scholarships and Fee Re-imbursement.

In line with the philosophy of integration and interoperability between various government departments as visualized by the Digital India Programme, SAKSHAM was integrated with UP Treasuries, PFMS & Banks enabling direct transfer of scholarship to beneficiary minimizing frauds. It provides a common platform to different government departments – Social Welfare, Minority welfare, backward class welfare has won many awards including the NASSCOM Social Innovation Honours.

Implementation Status

For session 2015-16,the total number of online registration was nearly 81 Lakhs,the number of application submitted were approx 66 lakhs and total number of records forwarded by DIOS/Higher Education Officer were 54.72 Lakhs. More than 25 Lakhs students got benefitted and nearly 2800 Crores were transferred in the Bank Accounts of Students using the system


The impact of the eScholarship on the beneficiaries as well as on the Government has been tremendous. It includes substantial savings in cost and time, reduced mal practices and, above all, a modern, efficient & convenient system. For the government there have been savings both in terms of finance & manpower, less strenuous work, higher productivity and fewer errors in computation & calculations. For the citizens there is complete transparency in scholarship transaction throughout the state and lesser efforts are required to know information which is universally accessible on Internet.
→ The project saved 520 crores in a single year for the state Government
→ The transaction failure rate reduced from 10 to 0.36
→ Substantial reduction in delays of scholarship distribution
→ Instant electronic dispersal of funds with audit trails.
→ Online aggregation of expenditure
→ Better utilization of funds as a result of elimination of middlemen and frauds
→ Change in policy or guidelines can be addressed centrally and can be made effective immediately through the portal

Contact Details

NIC Uttar Pradesh State Centre
6th Floor, Yojana Bhawan, 9 Sarojni Naidu Marg, Lucknow