Settlement Department Computerization


For the modernization of Settlement & Survey department processes, four workstations have been established at settlement offices. The main objectives of department is to evolve a process which eliminate/reduce the manual work to expedite process and accurate preparation of records. To achieve the basic objectives the workstation has been facilitated with high end servers, A0 size scanner , A0 size Laser printer and Electronics Total Stations. For the modernization of Settlement & Survey processes, workstations at four settlement offices have been established. It is facilitated modern equipments like with A0 size scanner , A0 size Laser printer and Electronics Total Stations. A special software ?MILAN? has been prepared to generate their missal final records like Bandobast and all intermediate reports by using LRC data of the respective tehsils. The scanning and scaling of khasra maps are being doen in ?house. The softcopy of khasra maps are available fro 54 Tehsils by now. department

At workstation khasra maps are scanned ,stored & retrieval for future reference fro all the villages of the state. These maps are also used for cropping of desired partition to the common man. The key task of department is to scale a map into hectare, mosaicing of sheets , digitized boundaries etc work is done by using Microstation V8 GIS software. The user have been provided intensive training for their day-to-day work. Thereon an application named as MILAN developed and implemented to use the LRC data for Settlement processes purpose. The government has re-engineered the processes and issued the circulars in this regard

Presently, LRC soft data is a main source of data for the beginning of settlement operation for the department. By using this software final records like Bandobast and related reports are generated. The department has scanned 45 Tehsils khasra maps and stored and made available to their offices like SO/SDM/TDR for the issuance to public. The report generated by Milan software is appreciated by the government and department is keen to under take all the process which NIC suggest for their computerization.

Impact of the project

The prime beneficiaries under this project the people of those tehsils where settlement process is going on and they are immediately getting the Misal report. Which help them in identifying new number and updated status of their land. The record writing work is to be repeated by the revenue department which has been resolve at one shot. Hence , with this application people and government both are directly benefited.

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