SMS based System for Police department


HOSHIYAAR (G2G, June 2008)-Information received by the Police Control Room will be sent as an alert through SMS to the Hyderabad city police, Banks based on the classification of groups. It facilitates Adding Members, Creating Groups and its members and Modifying. All reports are available.

Tracking of Mobiles, Vehicle & Stolen Vehicles(G2G, June 2008) -takes care of searching the stolen Vehicle database and sends stolen vehicle information. This helps the AP Police-CUG to trace the stolen vehicles on the spot.

SMS FAST ACT SERVICE FOR LODGING A COMPLAINT TO POLICE (C2G & G2G, Jan 2009)-Citizen can lodge a complaint by sending an SMS to 9010100100 using key words such as T-Traffic, Te-Terror, W-Women, C-Crime, Others . The received SMS will be stored in a database and a voice alert is received by the staff of Control room. As per the request from complainant, it will be forwarded to the concerned Officer /Group of Officers.


Contact Details

A-Block, BRKR Bhavan, Tankbund Road, Hyderabad 500 063

040-23261247, 040-23229474