Sparrow is an online system based on the comprehensive performance appraisal dossier that is maintained for each member of the Service by the State Government/Central Government. The aim of this system is to facilitate the electronic filling of PAR by officers in a way that is not only user friendly but also allows to fill from anywhere anytime as per their convenience. Similar convenience will be available to the officers at different levels in the workflow hierarchy of filling and submission process. The system is also expected to reduce delays in submission of completely filled APARs.The PRISM module has been integrated with SPARROW.

It has following features/functionalities:

 Transparency & Accountability
 Online Generation of eAPAR
 Delegation
 Workflow Creation
 Search and retrieval
 Dashboard
 Reports
 Declaration of Assets and Liabilities through PRISM

The Sparrow has been implemented in Punjab for IAS, IFS, IRS and IPS Officers.

Contact Details

NIC Punjab
Punjab Mini Sectt., Sector 9 Chandigarh