Status Information Management system by NIC (SIMNIC)Maharashtra


Status Information Management system by NIC (SIMNIC)Maharashtra

Objective/Description:Status Information Management system was conceptualised, designed, developed and implemented as a Portal for collection of data for various schemes from line offices of a Department. The SIMNIC software is developed using Open Source Software technologies. SIMNIC software is used as product for data collection by many departments of State Govt. and Central Govt. in Maharashtra State. Water Conservation department, Government of Maharashtra has successfully implemented this product to collect data in 3 formats from its eight implementing agencies in the flagship program named “JalyuktaShivarAbhiyan” (जलयुक्त शिवार अभियान-water shed development program) during 2015-19. The data collected by the department is useful for effective water management plan in State. The 3 formats are: 1.Village plan of works sanctioned for water shed development program 2.Collection of Village Base line survey data. 3.Fortnightly progress report for works sanctioned in village plan for water shed development.

Implementation Status:Implemented

Outcome/Impact:6202 villages in 350 Tehsil of 34 districts in Maharashtra are participating in data collection during first year i.e. 2015-16. In village plan, 1,50,000 works are entered by logins created for 350 tehsils of Maharashtra. The base line survey data is also entered for 4,500 villages by respective tehsils. The progress report is updated by 2,500 villages. The data collected through SIMNIC is made available to Maharashtra Remote Sensing Application Centre (MRSAC) for further integration with Mobile app for GPS mapping and uploading of photographs of works directly from the site. Around 1,00,000 photos are collected and uploaded in public domain

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Department of Information Technology,
National Informatics Centre,
11th Floor, New Administrative Building, Maharashtra