Vahan, Sarathi and Road Permit computerization of Transport Department


All the 5(five) District Transport Offices have been computerized in Tripura. 100% Smart card based Driving licenses and Registration Certificate are issued using Sarathi and Vahan in Tripura. Following are the task accomplished during the period • Vehicle Registration • Road Tax assessment and collection • Vehicle Fitness certificate and collection of fee • Receipt of application, scrutiny and issuance of Driving License • Receipt of application and issuance of Road Permit * Implementation of SMART card activation software to provide SMART card facility to the citizen * Computerization of Road Permit, a Web Enabled in-house application to generate Road permit * Web-based on-Line query and citizen centric facility for Tax assessment, Demand and status of application, vehicle owner, etc.. URL * KIOSK module-comprising of Tax calculation, Status of Application and Vehicle details based upon name/ Registration Number has been incorporated as a service to the citizen * State Register and National Register on Driving Licenses and Vehicle Registration.

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Shri C. K. Dhar
National Informatics Centre 3rd Floor, Bay-4 New Secretariat, Agartala, Tripura-799006 sio-trpr[at]nic[dot]in