Visitors Information System


Visitors Information System (VIS) is accessible through the Intranet Portal of Chandigarh Administration so that all security issues are taken care of. It is implemented at the reception of UT Secretariat to issue visitor passes and keep track of the visitors. Complete availability details of the employees of UT Secretariat is also maintained so passes are issued according to their availability status. In addition to it, employee details like department, designation, addresses, phones and emails address etc are also maintained.

Visitors details are reflected on the screen of officers on the basis of the passes issued. Facilitates officers and officials to enter their availability in office so that if an officer or official is on leave, then the visitor is informed at the counter itself. There is also a facility for an officer or official to enter the list of expected visitors so that passes can be issued without confirming. A querying facility allows generating report of visitors, which can be in between two dates, department-wise, particular officer-wise etc.

Impact of the project

The process of issuing visitor passes has been simplified and is much faster. Availability status of officer/official is available at the reception which helps the visitor. Likewise, officer/official too is aware of his visitors and can plan and prepare accordingly. Various reports and searching assists in responding to day to day queries.


Contact Details

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