xPERT (Excise Program for Effective Revenue Tracking)


 xPERT is an web-based system involving all activities of the Excise Department of the State Government. It involves in the creation, storage, analysis, dissemination and use of information to monitor the day-to-day activities of the Excise Directorate, Government of West Bengal. The entire system will be used by the State Government and Excise Officials at various levels, all the Licensees including Bottlers, Distilleries, Bonds, Trades and Retail shops, SBI personnel (Revenue collection agency on behalf of Excise Department) and Consumers, Applicants for licenses and members of the public. Pilot Implementation with respect to Generation of Passes and Permits has been completed in Kolkata South, Kolkata North and Burdwan West Excise District covering the following activities :

  • Label Registration
  • Grant of License, Transport Pass, Import Permits & Export Passes
  • Online Tracking of Status of different processes viz. Grant of License,Transport Pass, Import Permit and Export Passes

Contact Details

National Informatics Centre
West Bengal State Centre
Vidyut Bhawan Gr. Floor
Block-DJ, Sector II
Salt Lake City , Kolkata-700091