Business Intelligence

NIC is providing services in the area of business intelligence solution to users across the government. The ultimate goal of Business Intelligence (BI) is to provide people with access to the information along with analytical facilities so as to extract knowledge from the vast information base. This enables them to make better decisions, share insights with others, collaborate throughout the organization, and, ultimately, improve its bottom line. The BI system can help to provide insight into the vast government data through an integrated, centrally managed, and trusted data source and BI provides with the reporting and analysis tools and technologies to capture both structured and unstructured information. A BI System on Foreign Tourists Arrival and Departure has been developed and implemented for the benefit of Ministry of Tourism. A BI system on Central Government Health Scheme is being extensively used by the CGHS wing of Health Ministry. A Proof of Concept was developed and demonstrated to Planning Commission for Bharat Nirman Projects catering to the Left Wing Extremists affected districts. Proof of Concept was also developed on Mother and Child Tracking system for the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

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