Utility Mapping

The problems of urban migration, congestion and overloading of utilities in Delhi run parallel to those of any other large city in the world. In Delhi these problems are compounded due to the fact that the city infrastructure has evolved over several hundred years. The network records have not been maintained properly.

The city administrators realized that conventional methods were not good enough for the management of the utility networks. The "Computer Aided Utility Mapping Project (Delhi)" was initiated during 1998-1999 in the 9th five Year Plan. The objective was to create the large-scale digital maps on scale 1:1250 of Delhi City with utility network and related data about water, sewage, electricity, gas etc. superimposed on them with the help of the utility agencies.

NIC through the project shall support software and hardware for utility mapping. The utility agencies are to create a district wise cell within the organization for using this facility. The project provides excellent planning tools for various local bodies. In addition, many benefits are foreseen such as availability of integrated information of all the underground utilities; co-ordination in digging procedures; detection of potential areas of water contamination i.e. proximity of the sewerage line to a leaking water network could cause water contamination; protection of records from damage; proper analysis and reanalysis of the water requirement and sewage load of the colonies of the city; better tool for evaluation of alternatives; better planning and traffic load analysis.; easier leak detection and fault detection by preparing history; reduction in maintenance time.

Under the Computer Aided Digital Mapping Project for six cities, the map compilation and attribute data collection in the field and its linkage to the corresponding base map features for Bengaluru and Kolkata has been completed. The utility agencies of Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai city are able to access the base map data, compiled earlier and located at the Central Map Server, to overlay their utility network such as water, sewage, electricity, telephone on the Digital Base Map using location identification. Linking of assets data of Chennai Corporation is completed.

Under the Computer Aided Digital Mapping Project (Delhi), Base Map updating for south-west Delhi and 30% of central Delhi has been completed from aerial photography of the year 2002. The Digital Base Map is being accessed by Delhi Jal Board, Delhi Police, Delhi Traffic Police on 24 X 7 basis.

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