NIC has it’s full fledged centres in each of the state of India along with the Union Territories.

In addition to the core infrastructure at the national level, NIC centres at States/UTs are also equipped to provide Web Hosting, Internet connectivity, E-mail facility, LAN / WAN connectivity (leased line), Dial Up services, Technical support and consultancy to the state governments and district administration.

Internet Data Centre

Hosting infrastructure of NIC includes strategic storage, known as Storage Area Network (SAN), facilitating high availability (24x7), quick scalability, efficient management & optimized utilization of resources, with connection to Internet on very high bandwidth. Most of the State level IDCs consist of SAN storage along with State-of-the-art Servers, Windows & Linux based hosting environment.

Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure in States/UTs supports Video Conferencing, Anti Virus Support and Security services at State/District levels on 24x7 basis. States/ UTs are equipped with high end technology products & solutions to provide seamless services to their users as below:

NICNET Setup at State Centres
  • State Portal (Government) hosting State websites.
  • Intranet applications at State Secretariat.
  • Web-enabled applications pertaining to Commissioner Land Records, Food Department, School Education, Forest Department, Health, etc.
  • FTP Server for transmission of utility/applications software to District Centres.

Local Area Network (LAN)/Wide Area Network (WAN)

Gigabit Multi Link Core & Distribution Network

Gigabit Backbone (Upgradeable to 10 G) based Structured & Managed Local Area Network at State Secretariat, to support various upcoming National & State level e-Governance Applications, Media Streaming, High Speed Data Transfer, Various Intranet/Internet Applications, IP Telephone, Desktop Video Conferencing etc. are also available.

Floor Network Design - VLANS has been created at Department Level

Video Conferencing (VC) Services

Video Conferencing Services have been provided to the CM Office, Governor Office and Districts in all the states. The VC facilities are extensively used in the states.

District Level

Each NIC District Centre has been provided with state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure including Rack Server, Clients, Printers, 2 Mbps or more Leased Line connectivity to NIC State Centres with SCPC DAMA backup Link as well as a Video Conferencing System.