Situated in a far corner of the North East, Nagaland is considered to be one of the most remote state in the Country. The inaccessibility of the interior terrain makes any efforts at development difficult to achieve, and the people of Nagaland have been long deprived of the facilities of modern technology. It is in this context that the presence of National Informatics Centre(NIC) in Nagaland acquires significance. The National Informatics Centre(NIC), the premier organization in the field of Information Technology in India, established its centre in Nagaland in the year 1989. Except for the newly created three districts i.e. Kiphire, Longleng and Peren, NIC District Centre are fully operational in all the other 8 (eight) districts. The NIC, Nagaland State Office, located at the New Secretariat Complex, Kohima is the apex NIC Centre for the state and co-ordinates with the working of all the District Centres and the government of Nagaland at state level.

Though not ahead but nevertheless, Nagaland is at par as far as the Information Technology infrastructure is concerned. NIC had pioneered in bringing the IT-Based culture to Nagaland way back in early 90’s with its Nation-wide satellite-based computer communication network (NICNET). It provides e-mail services, internet access, file transfer facility, office automation, development of computer-based Management Information System(MIS) etc. Setting up of Community Information Centres(CIC) in 52 blocks in Nagaland has extended the arm of NIC through which its services can reached the people at the grass root level. NIC has made the state of Nagaland a part of the Global village.

The NIC Infrastructure and some of the major activities of NIC in the state are as follows:-


NIC Centres in the State are well equipped with the state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.

LAN and MAN at Kohima:
Presently Web Servers, Proxy Server and Database server are running on Pentium-III based servers at the State Centre, Kohima, which are supporting the Secretariat LAN and Web Based Applications. The Internet bandwidth to NIC Nagaland State Centre is 2 Mbps through leased line from Guwahati and backup link is being provided through SCPC–DAMA VSAT with 256kbps for data communication. Another 4 Mbps leased line has been approved for NIC, Nagaland State Centre, Kohima

The CISCO 2611 model router supports LAN network in the Secretariat with 90 nodes and 24 hours telecommuting services through PSTN lines having 41 dialup users account. RF links, which has been integrated to State Secretariat Network has been made operational. There are 25 numbers of RF sites connecting to 21 Directorates, the Chief Minister’s Residential Office, Raj Bhavan, the Chief Secretary’s Residential Office and the VIP Guest House. All the senior officers of the state government have been provided with an official e-mail account.

A dedicated Network Operating Control Centre (NOCC) is being set up which will support 268 nodes including 20 Wi-Fi access points through OFC backbone in the State Secretariat, and RF links connecting the state directorates at Kohima.

To promote E-governance and Network Plan under NICNET, RF connectivity was extended to 40 (forty) State Government Department in the State Capital, Kohima. Apart from the RF connectivity, NIC provided Wimax connectivity to 10 (ten) selected important State Government Department including a Higher Secondary School and one vocational training Institute. Wimax has been implemented in 5 (five) District HQ in Nagaland with the main BTS at NIC, District Centres.

Start Date: RF Implementation June -August 2005 : Wimax January 2009

Video Conferencing:

Video Conferencing (VC) Studio was established at NIC Nagaland State Centre, Kohima in the year 1999 connecting all VC sites in the country using SCPC-DAMA VSAT having speed of 128 Kbps uplink and 256 Kbps downlink for data communication and upto 384 kbps for Video Conferencing. Last year another a mile stone has been reached with the commissioning of 13 Video Conferencing Studios in the state connecting all the District Hqrs., Nagaland House, New Delhi, and Chief Minister’s Residential Office, Kohima. Taking advantage of the Video Conferencing facilities through NIC Network (NICNET) in the State, the Senior Govt. officers of the state are utilizing the facilities in reaching out the officers posted in the far flung remote Districts in Nagaland. Chief Secretary has conducted several Video Conferencing Sessions with DCs, SPs and other heads of department in the Districts to assess law and order situation and various developmental activities in the districts.

Data Centre:

NIC Nagaland State centre is now equipped with SAN System having 3(three) TB storage capacity with 9(nine) Rack Servers and two HP blade servers has been installed at NIC State Data Centre, Kohima which will be used for e-governance and citizen centric applications for the State.


NIC Nagaland State Centre, Kohima have designed, developed and hosted several state department web sites. At present 34 sites are hosted by NIC.


Training is an essential component in bringing about IT culture in the State. NIC conducts intensive Computer Awareness Training of one week duration for the government employees. Trainings being imparted are mainly on Office automation, Internet and a demo on Video Conferencing. Training on sectoral applications are also imparted to the employees of end user departments. NIC provides resource persons to the State Institute of Rural Development (SIRD) and Administrative Training Institute, Kohima on several occasions whenever they conduct seminars/workshops and training on ICT Tools.

NIC District Centres in the State:

All the NIC District Centres namely Dimapur, Kohima, Mokokchung, Mon, Phek, Tuensang, Wokha and Zunheboto (except newly created three districts of Kiphire, Longleng and Peren, where IT infrastructures procurement is in the process) are equipped with SCPC-DAMA VSAT for Video Conferencing and internet facilities are through DVB VSAT. NIC District Centres provides LAN network to the DC Office complexes and providing telecommuting services through RAS Finder. The NIC district centres also imparts training to the government employees on basic of ICT tools. Districts Web sites were designed and developed by the respective NIC District centre in the state. Packages like ILP, Arms, AISES, EAS WWR, ICDS, AISES and E.A.R.A.S are implemented in the district. Online data such as Meteorological data and sitrep are fed from NIC district centre.

3rd Floor, central Block, New Secretariat Complex, Kohima