Assam is a northeastern state of India with its capital at Dispur, in the eastern part of Guwahati city. Located south of the eastern Himalayas, Assam comprises the Brahmaputra and the Barak river valleys and the Karbi Anglong and the North Cachar Hills with an area of 78,438 square kilometre. Assam is known for Assam tea, petroleum resources, Assam silk and for its rich biodiversity. It is a land of one-horned Indian rhinoceros tigers, numerous species of birds and provides one of the last wild habitats for the Asian elephant. It is increasingly becoming a popular destination for wild-life tourism and notably Kaziranga and Manas are both World Heritage Sites. A land of high rainfall, Assam is endowed with lush greenery, Sal tree forests. The mighty river Brahmaputra, with its tributaries and other waterbodies provide the region with a unique hydro-geomorphic environment. In the industrial front, Assam has the oldest oil-field in the country and has the oldest oil refinery in Asia. The State produces more than half the total tea production in the country. The State is rich culturally as well. It has one of the few classical dance forms (Satriya) in the country.

Assam State Centre (ASSC) of the National Informatics Centre (NIC) was set up in April 1986. Various district units were set up from 1990 onwards, and now there is a NIC District Unit in each of 27 districts of the State.

The SIO is supported at the State level by a team of 28 technical officers and ten other support staff.

The NIC Assam State has a Training Division; there is also a National Informatics Centre Services Incorporated (NICSI) office, NIC also has dedicated cells in the Guwahati High Court and Regional Passport Office, Guwahati.


    * Network: The Network Operation Centre in NIC Assam commissioned in 2004 A Block of the Secretariat is the network gateway for the entire NE States. At present, there are two 100 Mbps links from BSNL and PGCIL. The Guwahati Delhi link is a primary link from PGCIL and the Guwahati-Hyderabad link is a failover link by BSNL. All the NE State capitals are connected to this centre either by BSNL or by PGCIL. The NOC is manned in the 24/7 mode by the hired manpower. There are various applications installed locally which are for effective monitoring of the entire network including the other NE states namely Whats up, Nagios, MRTG and Open NMS. There are two 63 inch plasma TV screens which are being used to monitor the status and health of the various nodes. All the 8 Blocks of the Secretariat are connected to the NOC with OFC backbone, each block having nearly 120 LAN nodes. All major and important locations inside the campus have secured WEP Wi-Fi access. 23 districts of Assam are connected with dedicated 2 Mbps MLLN from the NOC in addition to DVB VSATs for data and DAMA VSATs for VC. Four new districts presently having VSATs only are being provided leased line connectivity shortly. Presently under the Citizen-centric Services Project, a state of the art Wi-Max network (working under 5.876 GHz )is being set up in each district connecting 10 government organizations in each district headquarter in the State. These ten organizations are being connected to the NIC District Centre network HUB. As regards connectivity to other offices, district head post offices are being connected under the Department of Post (DoP) project. The Regional Passport Office(RPO), Census and Immigration Terminal at the air-port are connected to NOC with MLLN line from BSNL. The Guwahati Metropolitan Area Network (GMAN) was commissioned in 2005-2006 when nearly 42 Directorate offices were connected with RF links. The four sites with RF hubs are connected by 2 Mbps leased line from BSNL and these lines acts as a backbone for the GMAN network. The residence of Governor of Assam and the Chief Minister are also connected with 2 Mbps leased line from BSNL and RF Link. This centre has also got a 3 TB SAN along with several mid-range servers for hosting several Intranet applications both under Windows and Linux platforms. Guwahati is also one of the HUBS for the National Knowledge Commission Network (NKN) in India. The BSNL and PGCIL have commissioned their high end network equipments to support NKN at NOC Guwahati. BSNL has already installed a STM16 at NOC to give the high bandwidth network to various states in NER. IIT, Guwahati and AAU, Jorhat have been connected through NKN.
    * Video Conferencing: With the first state-level VC Studio set up in 1998, VC facilities presently exist in 24 districts and at the Chief Ministers Residence Office most of these are IP-based and through 2 Mbps lease line connectivity . VC facility is also available in the offices of the Chief Secretary, Minister of IT , Commissioner of IT. VC facility is regularly used by the State Government.
    * Training: NIC, Assam State Unit, Guwahati has been imparting Training almost from its inception. Such activities were intensified since a separate Training Division was set up in 2000. Training Division conducts about 35-40 courses per year ranging from general awareness and Office Productivity courses for normal government users, Sectoral Course and Technology Update Courses for NIC personnel for the entire NE region. Total number of participants trained per year is 600-900. Ten project trainees (from MCA and BE/B Tech courses) also are accepted per semester.

Old Gana Sewa Bhawan Secretariat Complex