About Sheikhpura
Though there is no authentic history of Sheikhpura scripted in any book or records but according to knowledge collected from various sources history of Sheikhpura dates back to the age of Mahabharata. It is believed that in the Mahabharata age a demon girl Hidimba lived on the hillocks situated on its Eastern stretch with whom one Pandava brother Bhima married and gave birth to a heroic son 'Ghatotkach'. Later on this hill was called 'Girihinda' after the name of Hindimba or Hidimba. Girihinda village is still situated over there.

According to one belief about six hundred years ago a great suphie saint 'Hazarat Makhdum Shah Shoeb Rahamatullah Aleh' had founded the city of Sheikhpura. He settled over here and the dense forests were cleaned and people started settling over here. Later on it became densely populated.

During the Pallava reign also Sheikhpura was one of the chief administrative centres. It is believed that the famous Afghan ruler Sher Shah Suri had got the famous 'Dal Kuan' constructed over here. Till now 'Dal Kuan' and Sheikhpura is believed to be synonymous with each other.

During the mughal period, Sheikhpura got the status of Thana. In the British period Sheikhpura was accorded the status of Big Kotwali and after independence it was given the status of Block. On 14th April 1983 Sheikhpura became a Subdivision and on 31st July 1994 it was upgraded to District status. .

Location :

Sheikhpura is a new district carved out of Munger district on 31-07-1994. District Head Quarter Sheikhpura is situated at North side of Gaya-Kuel Rail line. This district lies in the southern part of Bihar that is bounded by Nalanda & Patna district in North, Nawada & Jamui district in South, Lakhisarai district in East and Nalanda & Nawada district in West. The district spanning in 77705 hectares is situated between North latitudes 24º45' and 25º and East longitude 85º45' and 86º45'.
Topography :

Topographically district has two types of region – the rocky highland formed by hilly portion in centre, surrounded by fertile land in North, South, East and West. The land is sloping towards North Eastern side. Because of the low lying area in some parts of the North Eastern side, the water gets accumulated during rainy season leading to water-logged conditions. This area is geographically known as Tal area.

The district has hot summers & moderate winters. Summers start from middle of March and lasts till July. The monsoon usually breaks in the second half of June and lasts till September.

Annual Rainfall Stastistics :
District - 1207mm
Block :
Ariari - 943mm
Barbigha - 1052mm
Sheikhpura - 930mm

The district has rich alluvial soil composed of sand, silt and clay in most parts of district. The soil is most fertile and suitable for agriculture. The alkaline and saline deposits are rarely found.

There are no big rivers of perennial nature worth to be mentioned in this district. Of course there are some small rivers which flow during rainy season viz Somi, Korihari, Tati, Kachchi & Rijown.

For More Information.... Please visit our district site :
National Informatics Centre ( NIC ) office is situated at first floor, near DM Cabin, Collectorate Office, District - Sheikhpura, Bihar.
Main services for public by us :-
[1] Online Land Record / Khata-Khatiyan display by District site - > e-Khata and by site
[2] Online Land registration, sale deed / land deed Display by District site - > Bhumi Zankari
[3] Online Cort case related information display by Distrcit site - > e-Court
[4] Online public related inforamtion display by District Site as alrets, recrutiment, DM Tour, DCLR Court case result, bhumi dhakhal, Result etc.
[5] Computerized Land Record Management - LRC Service for 6 Circles Offices
[6] Computerized web based Driving License, Moter Vehicles Registration System in RTO Office.
[7] IT Support to Different Central and State Government e-Governance Project like MGNERGA, DBT, Public Complain Readdress, Panchyat Soft etc.
[8] IT Support in Election for Man power Management, Duty, Training, Randomization, EVM Management, Vote Counting Personal Management, I-Cards etc.
[9] IT Support in IVFRT - Foreigners Tracking and in/out permits in district by SP Office
[10] IT Support in e-office and e-SPARROW Portals for District Administration.
[11 ] e-Governance Project Training to District Administration and IT Personals in District.
[12] NICNET with 1 Gbps Link BSNL, 1 Gbps Link PGCIL and 34 Mbps Link BSNL for smooth internet/intranet in different govt. offices and court.
[13] Wi-Fi Service for Local Department, Election, DRDA etc with Censored Access.
[14] Network Protection and Support for Govt. Offices.
[15] Providing 20 Personal seating for ICT Project daily data entry over different portals.
[16] Mobile apps IT supports for different govt. offices under project by PATNA NIC State Unit.
[17] Video Conferencing Services for Govt. Officer on daily basis.
[18] Webcasting, Broadcasting Support in Election and other Govt. activity with IT Support.
[19] IT and Manpower Support in Govt. recruitment exams in District by Written permission on DM.
[20] Ration Card Record Management and Ration Generation with Distribution Register and report generation for District Supply Office.
[21] Bio-Matrices Attendance System support for District Administration and Nagar Parishad Office.
[22] e-Mail, Online SMS Monitoring, SMS Broadcasting, Call Support and Management for District Administration time to time.
[23] EPBX and CCTV record System Management for District Administration.
[24] Local Area Internet/Intranet Connectivity - Survey Support for District Administration.
[25] IT Training and counseling for Govt. Offices.
[26] Digital India related program, activity, initiatives, Project support in District etc.

................................................ ALOKRAJ, DIO, NIC, SHEIKHPURA, BIHAR.
One Year repor 2015.
Memo No.: NICSEI/2015/1132 Date: 12th December 2015
Sheikhpura District Office

Subject: Yearly Activities and Achievements Report about NIC, Sheikhpura for the year, 2015.

In Pursuance with directive from State Informatics Officer, NIC, BRSC, Patna, following inputs from NIC, Sheikhpura concerning for the year, 2015 may kindly be perused for further processing:


I have developed and implemented online Janta Adalat portal which is accessible via NIC Intranet ( without proxy) using URL: . this portal have more then 500 application from starting
By June 2015 to yet. This portal provide record keeping, application and receipt generation in Hindi Language
Using help Hindi IME Indic Software over intranet. This portal provide application processing, forwarding, document uploading on each phase to disposal as well as provide various reports to District People Grievance Officer via live DM’ Janta Adalat on each Thursday from 10 am to 1 pm on working day. There are two executive Assistants work over two PCs online for application generation, processing and receipt generation. We are in process for hosting it on internet so as people can use it’s online application with document submission, receipt printing and application tracking.

Social Security Cell

For implementation of Direct Benefit transfer in Social Security Cell I have provided all necessary technical support in Computerization/Digitization of various pension scheme data of Central government as well as State government like IGNOAPS, IGNDPS, IGNWPS ets. Data entry work have completed 5 block data entry out of 6 blocks. e-Labharti Project related data entry work have completed for which IT Support were provided by us.

General Section

For Implementation of National Database of Arms License (NDAL) in the district I am providing all necessary technical support to General Section and also closely working with this section. I have created the master database of all 16 police station of the district. I have also made available all 4 types of Forms in district website and crated user id and password of operator using admin login. I have also provided training to operator for entering the Arms license particulars in the sever and in NIC office itself online entry work is going on by the end of this year we have online entered approx 560 forms and also generated 436 UCF.

Database of Elected Membersand poling personal

For preparing Database of Elected member from top to bottom I have Compiled and send data of various elected members of the district on an urgent basis like Parliamentary Member, MLA, MLC, District Govt. officials, Zila Panchayat-Zila Parishad, Block Panchayat etc. all data are on district web site. For Election Duty Staff record, I have prepared latest record using elecon software in September 2015.


NICNET Facility is extended to various other departments of collectorate building besides this NICNET is already working at D.M. Chamber, A.D.M. Chamber, SP Office, D.D.C. Office, District Welfare Office, District Election Office, District Supply Office, Establishment Dy. Collector Office, & Public Grievance Cell. NICNET is continuously growing as per district. Recently our net is extended to RTO Office, Welfare office, Minority Office, IVFRT Cell, DCLR and SDM Office, Election Staff Room over Wi-Fi and Local wired Network.
We have now 01 Gbps Power Grid Super Fast Internet Connectivity with Existing 34 mbps and 01 Gbps BSNL Lease line. All three lines are working. We have one IP Phone for easy to communicate with NIC offices in the nation.


• We had installed and operationalised Biometric Based Attendance Monitoring System (BBAMS) in the collectorate building and RTO Office. But Now all staffs posted in various departments of collectorate and nearby buildings are marking there in and out time through this biometric machines. Which is examined and used by Establishment Section of DM Office,Sheikhpura. His server is in NIC Office and daily report is being provided to Estb. Section on demand.
• Full IT Support has been provided to district for maintaining 16 channel Intercom and 11 CCTV camera in the collectorate building. We have also trained Officials to use Intercom and operate the DVR S/W of CCTV to see the past recording of CCTV camera in Feb. 2015.
• Full IT Support and training is being given to District Magistrate for implementation of Digital Signature Certificate DSC for authorization and signing in eOffice Product Sparrow(System for online PAR).I have also demonstrated Several other modules of Sparrow to him and trained him to use Sparrow to online file his PAR to my DM in March 2015.


Direct Election Office

Bihar Assembly Election 2015

For this Election I have provided all necessary technical support in computerization of election process. In Sheikhpura District, there are two assembly constituencies namely 169-Sheikhpura and 170- Barbigha. The Election works has been started in NIC office from August 2015. In total, there are elections on 442 booths located in Sheikhpura district on 12-10-2015 in which 233 booths are in 169- Sheikhpura Assembly Segment under 40 Jamui Parliamentary constituency & 209 booths are in 170- Barbigha Assembly Segment under 39 Nawada Parliamentary constituency.
Full IT Support is given to both Asembly segments for successfully implementing Elecon 11.0.7 apps, Force Deployment Portal, eCounting S/W developed by NIC Bihar during Election and Counting of Bihar Assembly Election 2015 on 12/10/2015.
This time, EVM Randomization happened on ETS app and all IT Support have given on EVM Tracking System [ ETS apps ] by NIC,Sheikhpura.
GENESYS data updation as well as all types of IT related services have given to Election office,Sheikhpura.

PACS Sub Election 2015

For this Election I have provided all necessary technical support in computerization of election process. In Sheikhpura District PACS Sub election held on April and August in two phases at 36 PACS in 61 booths across all six Block. IT Support have proved for Man power deputation on Polling Duty, ID-Card generation, Training and Counting duty slip generation using Elecon software.

MLC Election 2015

For this Election we have provided all necessary IT/technical support in computerization of election process. In Sheikhpura District there are no seat for MLC directly but 169- Sheikhpura Assembly Segment joint under 40 Jamui Parliamentary constituency for JANUI MLC Seat & 170- Barbigha Assembly Segment joint under 39 Nawada Parliamentary constituency for NAWADA MLC Seat. IT Support have proved for Man power deputation on Polling Duty, ID-Card generation, Training and Counting duty slip generation using Elecon software. This election was held in September month of 2015.

District Supply Office:- Through Ration Card Management System(RCMS) S/W We have generated 6200 Rural and 105 Urban ration card. total 6305 ration card in district and provided it to vendor for its printing. Time to time data purification is done by software provided by NIC-BSU, Patna on SEC datya provided by Department of Food, Sheikhpura.

District Panchayatiraj Office:- After Successful implementation of Priyasoft and PlanPlus in the district we have started implementation of 4 other new components under ePanchayat Suit. For successfully implementing 4 new software component of ePanchayat Suit Centralized Live data entry workshop is going on in NIC office itself. In National panchayat portal(NPP) we have upload Circular, Notification, Letter, Advices etc of Zila parishad and 3 Block Panchayat out of 6. In ActionSoft we have ported the data of Annual plan for the Financial Year(FY)2013-14 and progress reporting work like Physical Progress ,Financial Progress, Technical Progress etc. for the FY 2012-13 is going on. In AreaProfiler we have completed district level work like entry of tourist places, Officers details, Local elected members detail etc. In Local Government Directory(LGD) we have entered detail of Zila parishad,Block Panchayt and Gram Panchayat. In PriyaSoft we have comleted case book entry of Zila Parishad ,3 block panchayat out of 6,and 53 Gram Panchayat out of 54.In PlanPlus we have completed annual plan entry work of Zila parishad ,block Panchayat and Gram Panchayat.We have completed 100% of data entry work. Now out of 10 ePanchayat Suit component 6 is fully functional in our district there is also no backlog from our district and current data entry for FY 2015-16 is going on.

eCourt:-For eCourt project,I have provided the necessary technical support and training to the district court Officials and Data committee (DLMC) meeting to resolve issues related to eCourt project implementation. Weekly and Monthly Activity Report of Civil Court, Sheikhpura is also uploaded on from NIC, Sheikhpura office.Entry Operator for eCourt project implementation. Court is connected via E1 Modem from our office for Network Connectivity.

Case Information System(CIS) software version NC 1.0 has been installed here and three major modules namely Criminal Case Filing(for FIR filling),Backlog Entry(for Old cases entry) and Court Proceeding(for Cause list generation etc.) of this software is fully operational here. Under my supervision case entry work in CIS S/W is going on. We have entered many backlog cases and now current case entry, FIR filling(on same date) and cause list generation etc. is successfully going on. I am also participated in the monthly District Level Monitoring Committee (DLMC) called on each month.

District Disaster Management Department ;- Full IT Support and Training have provided on to District officer and executive assistant for site updation.

District Revenue Section: - For the successful re-implementation of Land Records Computerization (LRC) project, entry work have completed in settlement office on August 2015 which was earlier going on in NIC office itself with five designated PC and server. Now data base backup with software have provided to all data entry operators as well as Settlement department for all 6 blocks. All PCs except server have taken back by them.

District Transport Office: - For Vahan/Sarathi project, several day to day problems have been rectified through out the whole year. Online Vahan portal is working in RTO Office as well as driving license, permits etc work is successfully running using NIC Software. NIC Net have given by our office.

District Benefit Transfer(DBT):- We have successfully implemented DBT using CPSMS in JBSY scheme through both method Print payment advice and Digital signature. As a pilot Primary Health Centre Chewara PHC JBSY beneficiary has been successfully receiving their payment in their own bank account. We are also doing the needful to implement DBT using CPSMS in JBSY scheme for other PHC.

Animal Husbandry Depatrt and District Udhyan Office Related portal Works and Training:- We are also providing all necessary Technical Support and Training in NADRS Portal via for Dis. Animal Husbandry Office by which online vaccine and animal disease tracking and record system were implemented.
IVFRT Project :- This year, Our District Foreigner Registration Office got alive over cFRO portal and C-Form as well as S-Form were registered in district. DSC Token and e-mail Id were operational by Foreigners Cell of SP Office, Sheikhpura. IT Support and training have provided to IVFRT Police personal with NIC net connectivity.

e-Prisoners for District Jail:- This project is in starting stage in district, primary setup of Optical fiber network , PCs have provided in Jail in July 2015 which was examined by me. Proposal for Data Centre have sent to department.
DDC Office: -
• For fast updation of database of SECC claim objection Tracking System (COTS) centralized data entry camp is. We have arranged the networking facility in a fruitful manner uninterruptedly in this office. We are also providing training to new operators, taking backup and resolving day to day technical issues.
• For creating database of self help group, data entry of self help group, their member detail, their financial inclusion and estimation detail is going on in the website I have also provided NICNET facility to this office for its fast database creation.

• For fast updation of database for Indira Awaas Yojana and mgnrega centralized data entry is. We have arranged the networking facility in a fruitful manner uninterruptedly in this office and now there is no backlog from my district and current entry is going on.

• We have Provided NICNET facility for implementing CPMS for fund transfer of mgnrega from the district.

District Health Society:-For District Health Society we are supporting for updation of MCTS data. One of the major block of the district i.e. Sheikhpura, Incharge of PHC is directed to provide the data daily to get updated on the portal same day. NIC, Sheikhpura has made the availability of one dedicated computer system for this purpose.
District Statistical Office:- We are transmitting the rainfall data to concerned through mail from our office regularly as per request of district Administration.

Rural Development: - Online entry for AWASSOFT is going on under our supervision.
Cooperative Dept.- Training have given for PACS Paddy system

Current Addition on District Website
• I have re-designed website of Sheikhpura district on 13h August 2015 as per request of district administration Sheikhpura. Several new modules and features have been added this time and some features are also in pipeline. For achieving this I have developed new homepage and introduced new Download, News, Recruitment, Circulor, DM Court Section in the homepage. I have also created New photo Gallery page with additional features. Besides this Seven (7) additional new html pages has also been developed by me. During Assembly Election, Election home page and SVEEP Page were created and maintained by me.
• One new dynamic component “Write your Grievance to DM” has been re-launched on district website for common man benefit.
• A new SMS Link to send SMS has been added to district website. We have extensively used this feature during many occasion of election in district.
• Besides this several other links, tenders and pdf have also been added on District website.
• District police page were created via

DATA Entry Works at NIC Office, SHEIKHPURA

• Data entry in Electoral roll management System(ERMS) was going on in NIC office under my supervision and support before assembly election 2015 this year.
• For District revenue office Prapatra 1,2 and 3 related to land acquisition and land court case result are time to time uploaded on district website.

“Video Conferencing Sessions”

One hundred ninety six (253) successful VC sessions have been conducted by NIC, Sheikhpura through out the year out of which most are for election related.

This is kind information to SIO, BRSC, NIC, Patna for further action.

ALOK RAJ / 6090
DIO NIC Sheikhpura

Administrative Information

Villages :
Total - 310
Uninhabited - 52
Inhabitated - 258
Gram Panchayat : 54
Nagar Panchayat : 02
Towns : 02
Blocks : 06
Revenue Circles : 06
Sub-Division : 01
Police Station : 09
Police Outposts : 02
M.L.A Constituency : 02
Education :
Primary School - 225
Middle School - 132
Basic School - 01
High School - 30
Colleges - 08
Madarsa/Maqtab (Unrecognised) - 02
Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalya - 01
Health :
Subdivional Hospital - 01
Referral Hospital - 01
Primary Health Care - 03
Additional Primary Health Care - 17
Health Sub-Centre - 74
Roads :
National Highway - 01 (N.H. 82)
P.W.D Roads - 105 Kms
R.E.O Rural Roads - 326 Kms.
State Highway - 39.9 Kms
Railways :
Length of Rail Route - 20 Kms
Railway Stations - 03
Post Office :
G.P.O (General Post Office) - 0
Sub Post Office - 09
Branch Post Office - 84
Land Use :
Total Geographical Area - 77705 Hectare
Area Under Cultivation - 49766 Hectare
Cultivable Waste - 10852.57 Hectare
Area Under Forest - Zero
Electricity :
Functioning Power Stations :
Sheikhpura - 3.16 MVA + 1.6 MVA
Hathiyawan - 1.6 MVA
Katari - 1.6 MVA
Ariyari - 1.6 MVA
Bhalva - 1.6 MVA
Burma - 1.6 MVA
Mirzapur - 3.16 MVA + 1.6 MVA
Onama - 1.6 MVA
Proposed Power Stations (U/C) :
Chewara - 2 X 3.15 MVA
Mehus - 2 X 3.15 MVA
Kosera - 2 X 3.15 MVA
Lohan - 2 X 3.15 MVA
Ghushkhuri - 2 X 3.15 MVA
Toiegarh - 2 X 3.15 MVA
Village Electrification :
Block : Sheikhpura
Electrified Villages : 50
UnElecrified Villages : 10
DeElectrified Villages : 17
Total Marks : 77
Block : Ghatkusumbha
Electrified Villages : 5
UnElecrified Villages : 28
DeElectrified Villages : 10
Total Marks : 43
Block : Chewara
Electrified Villages : 10
UnElecrified Villages : 1
DeElectrified Villages : 25
Total Marks : 36
Block : Barbigha
Electrified Villages : 20
UnElecrified Villages : 6
DeElectrified Villages : 23
Total Marks : 49
Block : Sheikhopur Sarai
Electrified Villages : 13
UnElecrified Villages : -
DeElectrified Villages : 13
Total Marks : 26
Block : Ariyari
Electrified Villages : 23
UnElecrified Villages : 6
DeElectrified Villages : 29
Total Marks : 58
District Contacts : -

Memo No.: NICSEI/2015/1132 Date: 12th December 2015

NIC, DM Office, Collectorate, District-Sheikhpura, State-Bihar.