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Research & Publications

At National Informatics Centre, the Research and Development (R&D) initiatives focus on introduction and innovation of latest cutting-edge IT products and services. These Research Papers & Publications are an excellent way to showcase the expertise and proficiency of NIC employees across.

Innovation, Finance, and Economic Growth in OECD Countries: New Insights from a Panel Causality Approach

DOI No. :  10.1142/S0219877021500139            Year : 2021

Authors : Rudra P. Pradhan , Tamal Nath , Rana P. Maradana , Ajoy K. Sarangi

Stream : ICT Project Management

Journal : International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management

publisher : World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt

Significance of character ‘H’ in soundex patterns on Indian Names

DOI No. :  ISSN: 2456-1843            Year : 2021

Authors : G. CHRISTOPHER JAISUNDER, Dr Israr Ahmad, Dr Dhavamani Christober

Stream : Computer Science

Journal : IJRDO - Journal of Computer Science and Engineering

publisher : International Journal of Research and Development Organisation

Standard Operational Mechanism for E-Govenance during Pandemics: An Indian Case Study

DOI No. :  10.1109/INDIACom51348.2021.00044            Year : 2021


Stream : ICT Project Management

Journal : 2021 8th International Conference on Computing for Sustainable Global Development (INDIACom) 2021

publisher : IEEE

An Approach Towards 3D Scene Reconstruction from an Uncalibrated Monocular Video Preceeded by an Exhaustive Study of Preprocessing of Images and Feature Detection Algorithms

DOI No. :  IRJET-V8I5355            Year : 2021

Authors : Ms. Mouli Laha

Stream : Computer Science

Journal : International Research Journal of Engineering andTechnology(IRJET)

publisher : Fast Track

MARREG – MARriage REGistration [for a better cause]

DOI No. :  10.1109/ISEC49744.2020.9397854            Year : 2021

Authors : Amit Mazumder

Stream : Others

Journal : 2020 IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference (ISEC)

publisher : IEEE

Contextualizing Electronic Governance, Smart City Governance and Sustainable Infrastructure in India: A Study and Framework

DOI No. :  10.1002/9781119792079.ch5            Year : 2021

Authors : NITIN KUMAR TYAGI, Mukta Goyal

Stream : Computer Science

Journal : Digital Cities Roadmap

publisher : Wiley

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