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"The Vision behind the establishment of NIC was of Dr. Narasimaiah Seshagiri, Founder Director General of NIC and Special Secretary to Government of India. He led the ICT Revolution in India. During his 25-years at NIC, he groomed and inspired a generation of scientists, engineers and technocrats to provide leadership in E-Governance in India."


National Informatics Centre (NIC) played crucial role since 1976, in bringing ICT in Government System enriching e-governance with services and platforms supporting decision making at central, state and district level. The state of art ICT infrastructure on demand covering data centres, high speed network (NKN/NICNET), Video-Conferencing and core services like GIS, AI&ML, Data Analytics and Block-Chain are further delivering e-governance services in G2G as well as G2C domain. In this national endeavour to deliver ICT led services on demand at right time at right place reaching the unreached till last mile of country, NICians played pivotal role with their rich technology understanding and domain experience. Since demands of service delivery is increasing in terms of its content as well reach, there is need to set a process of future Vision and Mission to fulfil National Aspirations of Ease of Governance Services on Demand to support Ease of Doing Business with Sustainable Development for benefit of decision makers and citizens of India.
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In view of above, there is need to build connect among NICians and alumni-NICians with emphasis to support the vision of future. “NIC-Alumni Connect” is to bring former NIC officers/employees to establish organizational and professional connect with NICians as “Relationship of Lifetime”. NICian Alumni Connect is to bring together Alumni with great knowledge and experience for the purpose of providing benefits and services for continuing engagement to drive value for future of NIC and NICians.
We plan to have “NIC-Alumni Connect” virtual platform for NICian Alumni community with five feature namely
(a) Personalization (Personalized Experience to Alumni)
(b) Aesthetics (Response and Impressive Visual Look)
(c) Engagement (Strategy to engage alumni with relevant content, opportunities, offers, and events)
(d) Authenticity (Two-way dialogue between current organization & NICian with Alumni to drive authentic content)
(e) Inclusivity (All-inclusive NICian Community network).

We look forward to receive ideas views and inputs from NICian and Alumni NICians on “NIC-Alumni Connect” to further built and scale up virtual platform with NIC Alumni to support future vision of NIC as Engagement of Life Time.

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Address by former Director Generals


Dr. N Vijayadtiya


Dr. B. K. Gairola


Dr. Y. K. Sharma


Dr. M. Moni


Dr. Shefali Dash

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