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Centre of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human cognitive processes by machines. It automates processes & aims to ape Human Intelligence by applying Cognitive Computing (simulation of Human thought processes) to IT Systems.

AI can be used to search for patterns, discover new insights, extract meaning from raw data, make predictions, and interact with people, machines and the physical environment. AI involves programming for Knowledge, Reasoning, Problem Solving, Perception, Learning, Planning & Automating Processes. The core part of AI is Knowledge Engineering, Machine Learning, Machine Perception and Robotics.

NIC established the Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence with a focus on exploring AI applications in governance. It provides ready-to-use AI infrastructure for proof of concepts and pilots on the application of AI in service delivery by Government Departments. It facilitates state-of-art technology support with supercomputing facilities for prototyping in the fields of Image & Video Analytics, Speech Synthesis & Recognition, and Natural Language Processing.

While taking up the use of AI Technologies by NIC officers working in various eGovernance Application in Central Govt. Ministries/ Departments & Offices, the following step by step approach is adopted:

AI as a Service: NIC build a platform that helps AI users to start work on Data Annotation using open source tools for creating the training dataset and then facilitate users for training the model using a supercomputing development platform and open source AI development frameworks. AI work can be categorized under 4 major groups:

  • AI – Manthan
  • Development Platform to Build Train and Test AI based Deep Learning Models

  • AI - Tainaatee
  • Inference Testbed for production ready AI Manthan trained Models

  • AI - Satyapikaanan
  • API based Face Verification & Liveness Detection Services

  • AI - VANI
  • Chatbot, Voicebot & Matra Transliteration Services

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