From Projects to Products for Digital Governance

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From Projects to Products for Digital Governance

From Projects to Products for Digital Governance
Dr Neeta Verma
Director General, NIC

With each passing day, we have witnessed technology permeating deep into our lives. Organizations around the world are harnessing the true potential of technology for creating Innovative Solutions that can benefit society at large. Our journey at the National Informatics Centre (NIC) has been a testimony to this era of technology-driven innovation. We have developed and implemented a wide range of solutions for the socio-economic development of the country. Our solutions cover sectors across healthcare, education, agriculture, transport, rural development, finance, legislature, judiciary, among others. These solutions have been instrumental in the Digital Transformation of the entire Government apparatus at the Centre, States, UTs, and District level.

The Digital India Program brought in a wave of digital transformation throughout the country and has also changed the way the Government engages. With the continued emphasis on Digital Transformation, NIC has stepped up its focus— from ‘concept-to-commission’. Throughout this journey, we have embraced technology at all levels by combining advancements with innovative concepts at each level of administration to develop effective Digital Solutions.

Our team at NIC has experienced a significant surge in the demand for Digital Solutions and their commissioning in a shorter period. Thus, we moved from Custom-built Projects to Software Products. This shift influenced various Departments in adopting our Software Products rather than getting time-consuming custom-built solutions made. Right from eOffice, GePNIC, eCourts, eHospital, eCabinet, and many others – NIC has demonstrated a strong acumen for Productization.

Our Product teams at NIC have been very responsive to the requirements and feedback, which has helped us to continuously evolve our products from one level to the other. With this transformation from Projects-to-Products, we have brought in a lot of efficiency in time and resource utilization. It has also helped us in improving the quality of the products in terms of reliability, resilience & scalability. It has significantly helped to abridge the long-drawn process of Project Planning, RFP Preparation, Procurement, and other related activities, by creating a Win-Win situation for all.

I am confident that this trend of building products will continue, and we will have countless products for Digital Governance. The use of these products will also help Government Departments to fast-track their own Digital Transformation journey.

We will ensure that our tech-enabled solutions keep reaching the unreached.

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