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Centre of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human cognitive processes by machines. It automates processes & aims to ape Human Intelligence by applying Cognitive Computing (simulation of Human thought processes) to IT Systems.
AI can be used to search for patterns, discover new insights, extract meaning from raw data, make predictions, and interact with people, machines and the physical environment. AI involves programming for Knowledge, Reasoning, Problem Solving, Perception, Learning, Planning & Automating Processes. The core part of AI is Knowledge Engineering, Machine Learning, Machine Perception and Robotics.

Image of The core part of AI is Knowledge Engineering

NIC established the Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence in 2019 to explore more opportunities for AI applications in governance. It is focused on Model building in the fields of Image & Video Analytics, Speech Synthesis & Recognition, and Natural Language Processing. While taking up various projects focused on AI Technologies in Central Govt. Ministries/ Departments & Offices, following approach is adopted:

Image of projects focused on AI Technologies

Image of projects focused on AI Technologies

Image of projects focused on AI Technologies

AI as a Service(AIAAS): has been facilitated on Meghraj Cloud Service of NIC since January 2021. ‘NIC Cloud Services’ offers variety of AI as a Service models to meet the users requirements

  • AI – Manthan
    Development Platform to Build Train and Test AI based Deep Learning Models with ease.
  • AI – Tainaatee
    Inference Testbed for production ready AI Manthan trained Models
  • AI – Tippanee
    Annotation Tool based Services for AI model building
  • AI – Satyapikaanan
    Face Recognition as a Service (FRAAS) is an API based Face Verification & Liveness Detection Services. These API based services have facilitated diverse eGovernance Applications like Life Certificate for Pensioners Mobileapp in Meghalaya, Faceless Services in RTO through Online eLearners License & Driving License Renewal, Attendance for skill developments trainees for Ministry of Minority affairs etc.

Image of Face Recognition as a Service

  • AI – ParichayID Details Verification API Services for Form Details Match.

Image of ID Details Verification API Services

  • AI – VANI ( Virtual Assistance by NIC )
    VANI As A Service platformization through Meghraj Cloud facilitates user requests for Chatbots, Voicebot and Matra Transliteration Services. NIC has facilitated 20 Chatbots like eWayBill, RTO, Consumer Forum, iKhedut, Meghalaya Covid19 etc. some of them multi-lingual & 8 bi-lingual voice support services like PM-Kisan, PM-Kusum, IVFRT etc. for citizens of various schemes in different Ministries/Departments and States till date.

Image of Virtual Assistance by NIC

  • AI – Vividh
    Custom AI Application Development, Compute only request etc. NIC has facilitated models for quite a few projects like SwachhAI Mobileapp for automatic toilet seat & Beneficiary Detection in geo tagged toilet images in Swachh Bharat Urban, Cognitive Search for Similar Motor Accident Claim Petition case orders for eCourts in Lower Judiciary, Marks Prediction for students missing paper in CBSE class XII exams for Arts, Science & Commerce Streams based on historical data.
  • AI – Prabandhan
    Model Retraining, Backup, Infrastructure Scaling, BCP & Disaster Recovery

Initiatives by CoE-AI

Image of AI – Prabandhan

Image of Analytics Services

Image of AI Services on Meghraj cloud

Image of Text Analytics Services

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