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Pension Sanction & Payment Tracking System

Pension Sanction and Payment Tracking System developed by NIC ensures timely issuance of Pension Payment Order (PPO) and disbursement of retirement benefits. It captures the requisite data online from stakeholders, sharing data with existing applications, incorporating CCS Pension Rules, Extraordinary Pension Rules and Commutation Rules. Towards this goal, the Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare has launched an online Pension Sanction & Payment Tracking System – Bhavishya.

Bhavishya portal provides online tracking of pension sanction and payment process by the individual as well as the administrative authorities for all actions preparatory to grant pension and other retirement benefits as well as payment of monthly pension after retirement.

The system captures the pensioners personal and service particulars. The forms for processing of pension can be submitted online. It keeps retiring employees informed of the progress of pension sanction process through SMS/ Email. The system obviates delays in payment of pension by ensuring complete transparency and establish accountability in the pension sanction and payment process.


  • Retiree should get all the retirement benefits on time and also get the first pension & subsequent pensions on time.
  • Timely processing of cases at each level.
  • Alerts, Reminder & Notifications to concerned stakeholders for every action due & performed.
  • Online tracking of pension cases at retiree level.
  • Guide the retirees to fill the forms as per CCS Pension Rules and take the necessary steps related to his/her retirement process on time.
  • Dignified life for pensioner
Image of Bhavishya Online tracking of pension cases at retiree level

Significant IT Features:

  • Web Responsive interface
  • Integration with external applications like PFMS, eSampada, PARAS, EIS, DigiLocker, UMANG through REST APIs
  • Retirees /Claimants can get ePPO in DigiLocker
  • Adoption of MongoDB for document storage
  • Compliance of web security guidelines of GOI
  • LDAP authentication for departmental official processing the pension case
  • APIs are developed for various activities like sending SMS/Email, sharing specific data with organizations, storing/retrieving data from MongoDB

Salient Features at a Glance :

Image of Bhavishya Salient Features


  • Individual (Retiree & Pensioner)
  • Drawing & Disbursing Officer (DDO)
  • Head Of Office (HOO)
  • Pay & Accounts Office (PAO)
  • Directorate of Estates (DoE)
  • Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO)
  • Pension Disbursing Banks

Impact :

Before Implementation of Bhavishya

Image of Before Implementation of Bhavishya

After Implementation of Bhavishya

Image of Bhavishya After Implementation of Bhavishya

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