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Bhu-Naksha is a Cadastral Mapping Software developed by NIC using Open Source Applications and libraries to facilitate management of Digitized Cadastral Maps. With proper customization Bhu-Naksha can be integrated with existing Land Records application of any States that deals with textual data. It talks to other external ROR database which are mostly in MS SQL Server in implemented states. ROR database can be virtually in any RDBMS.

The scanning, digitization, verification of cadastral maps are the pre-processes and input to Bhunaksha application. For overcoming diverse structure of ROR database in different states Bhunaksha defines certain interfaces for talking with ROR database. The interfaces are implemented differently for different states based on the structure of that state’s ROR database. In this way the same Bhunaksha application workbench can be used for any State just by plugging the particular state’s implementation of ROR interfaces.

Image of Bhu-Naksha is a Cadastral Mapping Software

Features of Bhu-Naksha:

  • Developed using Free and Open source software.

  • Works in Windows and Linux

  • Centralized and Distributed architecture.

  • Web, Desktop and Mobile apps available.

  • Responsive web rendering for smaller screens.

  • Plugin architecture to facilitate integration with any state’s ROR/Master database.

  • A plot can be divided into multiple subdivisions in a single mutation

  • Multiple methods for creating division lines.

  • Grid and Background image can be used to help in drawing division lines.

  • Multiple plots can be divided in a single operation for cutting road/canal etc.

  • History and Audit trail of division is maintained in the software.

  • Distance measurement and calculation takes into consideration initial scale and local units

  • Plot map and Village map can be displayed and printed to any scale.

  • Vector printing of maps.

  • SLD based styling of plot and layers.

  • Query based thematic maps can be defined by user.

  • Bulk import of Shape files and ADF files.

  • Maps can be generated from Survey data (LandXML) data and FMB

  • Validation reports for comparing data in ROR database and digitized map files

  • Helps to correct geometry errors in Shape file.

  • Adapts to the authentication and authorization features of ROR database users.

  • Online Georeferencing tools for legacy maps.

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