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Rajasthan Civil Registration System, Pehchan

Image of Pehchan Portal for Civil Registrations

Pehchan is the unified Portal for Civil Registrations in Rajasthan. All events of Birth, Death, Still Birth and Marriages are registered on portal from 12,500+ Registrars, 3,200+ Government Hospitals/CHCs/PHCs. Online applications are enabled from 1800+ private hospitals, 80000+ eMitra kiosks. Online application may also be submitted by citizens directly on portal or Mobile app. Digitally Signed Certificates are generated and delivered to citizens. Pehchan is the single source of information related to civil registration. No manual certificate are being processed in the state.

Image of Pehchan Mobile App


  • IT Enabled Civil Registration System

  • Timely Registration of Birth, Death and Marriage Events

  • Minimized duplicity of registrations

  • Delivery of computerized Certificates to citizenss

  • Capacity Building

  • Monitoring up to Grass root level

  • Timely progress Reporting

  • Transparency in Civil Registration

  • Availability of Vital Statistics

Salient Features

  • 100% Registration units are in digital mode.

  • Unique Registration Number across the state

  • Aadhaar enabled Registration

  • Option to maintain Legacy Registration with original Registration No.

  • Facility for Bilingual Registration Certificate

  • Role based login for Registrar, Sub Registrar, Block Offices, District Registrars and Chief Registrar office

  • Facility for Citizen to apply online on Portal.

  • Facility for Citizen to apply online through about 80,000 e-Mitra Kiosks across state.

  • Online reporting from Private Hospitals.

  • Online reporting from Orphanages.

  • Online Baby Name addition facility.

  • Facility to Register Twin’s Birth and Death.

  • Facility to Register adopted child

  • Facility to Register unclaimed (Lawaris) Death

  • Facility of Birth Registration of Foreign National’s child settled in India under Section 20

  • Facility to Register Widow Registration in marriage

  • Issuance of Digitally / e-Signed Signed Certificates

  • Digitally/e-Signed Certificate Delivery by email to citizens.

  • Digitally/e-Signed Certificate storage in DigiLocker.

  • Certificate Download Facility to citizens through OTP.

  • Android and IOS Mobile App available.

  • Digital Assistance through NICCI Chatbot

  • QR Code implementation on Certificates

  • Authenticated updations in Registration.

  • PVC Birth card facility.

  • MCCD (Medical Certification of Cause of Death) enabled Death Registration.

  • Certificate Repository in Raj eVault

  • SMS Alert for the date of physical presence of Groom and Bride Groom with Registrar office

  • Responsive device friendly portal

  • Periodical Progress Reports, Checklists and generation of Birth-Death Register

  • Toll free No. 1800-180-6785 and separate email for help and support for Registrars as well as citizens for grievances.

Image of Pehchan Marriage Registration Process

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