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eOffice, being an integral part of the Digital India Programme, is the medium to achieve a Simplified, Responsive, Effective, Accountable and Transparent working in Government offices. The speed and efficiency of eOffice not only assists departments in informed and quicker decision but also makes them go paperless. It is a digital work place solution built on open architecture making it a standard reusable product amenable for replication across the Governments. It is a product suite comprised of several applications for transforming the day-to-day official work-related activities of a government organization.

The key components of eOffice are as follows.:

1. File Management System (eFile):
It is a workflow-based system that extends the features of existing manual handling of files in addition to a more efficient electronic system. The system comprises different sub-modules that are interlinked to manage the official workflow of the entire life cycle of a document/DAK from the moment it is received by the organization till the time it is disposed of with the proper set of actions. It involves all stages of working in a file, including the scanning, electronic diarization, file creation, noting creation, digital signing on noting and drafts, dispatch, faster processing and movement of files and receipts, closing of files and receipts, and finally the archival of records.

Image of e-Office File Management System

2. Knowledge Management System (KMS): The KMS component of eOffice brought the concept of a central repository of documents in an organization. It provides for users to create and manage electronic documents in the workflow, along with versions (tracking history) that can be easily viewed, searched, shared, and published. It logically organizes the content and standardizes content creation and presentation across an organization.

Image of e-Office Knowledge Management System (KMS)
3. Work from Anywhere (WAW) Portal: A gateway for virtual office from anywhere is a one stop-portal for office functions and connects the officials to securely access their office from anywhere.
Image of e-Office Work from Anywhere (WAW) Portal
4. Smart Performance Appraisal Report Recording Online Window (SPARROW): It is a web-based application for processing of APAR. Employees can fill in their APAR, which is further reported and reviewed by the official hierarchy. It helps in reducing delays in submission and processing of APARs and ensures transparency by tracking the movement of APAR. The system also provides a dashboard facility that enables the service controlling authority to monitor the status such as officers posted, pendency at various levels, and APARs processed and closed.
Image of e-Office SPARROW

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