e-WAY BILL : One Nation – One Tax – One Market – One e-Way Bill

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e-WAY BILL : One Nation – One Tax – One Market – One e-Way Bill

The e-Way Bill System is a document which gives details regarding the movement of goods and has to be carried by transporters for any consignment exceeding Rs 50,000. The complete e-Way Bill System, which includes development of web-based IT Application, hosting IT infrastructure (which includes network, computing and security) and operation & management of the system is the responsibility of National Informatics Centre (NIC).

It provides multiple modes of e-way Bill generation including Web, Bulk Upload, SMS, Mobile App and API for Large Taxpayers/ GST Suvidha Providers (GSPs).

As 24×7 accessibility is a critical requirement of this application, infrastructure is designed to provide redundancy at multiple levels including firewall, load balancer, switches, racks, virtual machines (web servers), database servers and MPLS links (for connecting to GSTN servers). Virtual machines for webservers are created on Hyper-V clusters. 24 VMs are used as front-end (with IIS). Number of other VMs have been created for API, Mobile App, GSTN API and Redis.

Two Availability Groups of four Database Servers, each are configured to ensure redundancy at the Database level. In each Availability Group, out of four Database Servers, two servers store data of two zones each and sync copies of two other zones whereas the other two servers are async copies of the data of four zones used for reporting purposes. The third availability group has two database servers which store session and authentication databases respectively.

Considering criticality of the application, 24×7 Help Desk is set up at NIC Centre, Koramangla, Banglore to provide L2 support to the issues forwarded by the GSTN Help Desk. The Help Desk functions 24×7 which enables quick resolution of the issues and closing of tickets forwarded by GSTN Help Desk.

The application performance is also monitored round the clock. PRTG is configured to monitor the health of the infrastructure i.e. Web VMs, Database Servers, Firewalls etc. The parameters monitored include utilization of processor and memory, ping, HTTP response time etc. Additionally, a Dashboard is also provided to display State-wise/ Zone-wise e-Way Bills generated in every five minutes. These tools and mechanisms facilitate the team to identify any system or service outage within no time and respond quickly.

Image of e-Way Bill System


  • Single and Unified e-Way Bill for Inter and Intra-State movement of goods for the whole country

  • Fully online and enabling ‘Paperless’ movement to track and monitor movement of goods across various States

  • Improve service delivery with quick turnaround time for the entire supply chain and to provide anytime anywhere access to data/ services

  • Minimal physical interaction with the concerned departments and hassle-free movement of goods Technology Used

  • Front end forms are developed using ASP.Net with C# as the scripting language using framework 4.0

  • Backend database is SQL Server 2017

  • Redis Enterprise NOSQL for Caching

  • APIs using JSON for android/IOS Mobile App and integration with systems of large Tax Payers/ GST Suvidha Providers(GSPs)

  • Akamai CDN for distribution of static content such as user manual, FAQs etc.

  • PRTG for monitoring of infrastructure

  • App Dynamics to monitor Application Performance

  • More Feature

    e-Way Bill Process

  • Generation

  • Cancellation

  • Rejection

  • Extension of validity

  • Change of transporter

  • Consolidated e-Way Bill

  • Generation

  • Regeneration

  • Others

  • Update profile from GST common portal

  • Register for Mobile App/ API/ SMS

  • Register for GSP

  • Detention Report

  • Reports

  • Masters Creation

  • User Management

  • Department Officers

  • Verification

  • Detailed Verification Report

  • Reports

The application is accessible through

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