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End-to-End Online Solution for Comprehensive Transformation of State Excise

eAbgari has been the single most transformational factor in the state excise sector and has considerably increased the department’s enforcement and regulatory capabilities through ICT driven process reengineering. The project is a strategic administrative reform initiative leveraging state-of-the-art modern technology to achieve the Government’s mandate of

  • a) Eradicating the manufacture, distribution, supply, and sale of illicitly distilled / counterfeit / non- duty paid / spurious intoxicants
  • b) Clandestine transport of rectified spirit
  • c) Supervision for proper use and timely supply of alcoholic spirits, including medicinal and industrial spirits, and lifesaving narcotic drugs, and
  • d) Social regulation of a sector which has far reaching public health and law and order imports while safeguarding the revenue collection ,
          from excisable articles

Besides achieving the above mandate, the eAbgari project has been able to reduce activity cost, total process cycle time & waiting time for the stakeholders and thereby increasing throughput of the system.

Seamlessly integrating a wide array of innovative technologies – the web, QR codes, PUSH/ PULL SMS, Email, Digital Payment, e-Sign, AI-driven Supply Chain Management, Chabot, GIS, Mobile Apps, Hand-Held-Terminal (HHT) based Supply Chain Management, Track & Trace, Geo-Tagging, Digital Locker based Tracking of Spirit Container vehicles – eAbgari has significantly reduced service-delivery times and has exceedingly enhanced the Government’s regulatory/enforcement capabilities along with arresting revenue leakage points.

Image of eAbgari integrating a wide array of innovative technologies

The key objectives of eAbgari project include:

  • To enable the department in generating actionable information for effectively dealing with spurious intoxicants for safeguarding public health
  • To aid with improved MIS for control over the movement of intoxicants for maintaining the security, peace, and harmony in society
  • To enable effective, efficient, and equitable revenue collection through greater traceability, transparency and accountability in tax administration and detection of tax evasion by ensuring all liquor available in the state is sourced and sold through legal channels
  • To have a robust grievance redressal system to enable collection of complaints, thereby increasing enforcement activities against manufacture, supply, distribution, and sale of illicit and spurious intoxicants
  • To enable execution of key internal functions of department in a timely, transparent, and accessible manner through streamlined processes and committed, trained & motivated workforce
Image of objectives of eAbgari project

Major Components:

The eAbgari is an Application Suite of 68 Online e-Services. Its major components are:-

  • Excise Licensee Issuance, Renewal & Tracking System
  • Packaged Liquor Brand/Label Registration & its Management
  • NOC/ Permit/ Pass Issuance System of Molasses, Bulk Spirit & Packaged Liquor for Import/Export/Transport
  • EAL Supply Chain Management and Authenticity of Packaged Liquor
  • Bottle/Case level QR-Code based Supply Chain Management
  • Automated Stock Inventory Management System
  • Mass flow meter / SCADA enabled Spirit Accounting in Distilleries / Manufactories
  • Excise Beverage Corporation Management System
  • Point-of-Sales at Retail Outlets (e-POS)
  • Home Delivery of Packaged Liquor (e-Retail)
  • Retail Shop Inspection & Excise Misc. Case Monitoring System
  • Excise Enforcement Management: Daily Preventive Raid Reporting System
  • Statutory Reporting System as per guidelines of Election Commission on Preventive Raids, Shop wise Consumption etc.
Image of End to End Supply chain Management

eAbgari is developed abiding Bengal Excise Act 1909, the oldest Excise Act of India. It is ready for replication in other States within shortest possible of time as customization requirement is expected to be minimum.

Page Last Updated Date :October 11th, 2023
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