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End-to-End Online Solution for Comprehensive Transformation of State Excise

Image of End-to-End Online Solution for eCabinet

eCabinet is a powerful software portal for State Governments to conduct Cabinet meetings electronically and online mode. Developed by NIC, it maximizes usage of technology in meetings and reduces paper use. eCabinet automates workflow activities of meetings; before, during and after. It is designed for smart tablets, with rich UI and UX elements, for ease of use. Push & Pull mechanism built in portal ensures high security needed for Cabinet matters.

Followings are the features of eCabinet

  • Replace paper based Cabinet Meetings, conserving environment
  • Automate work flow activities before, during and after Meetings.
  • Rich UI & UX tools, for ease of use by Ministers.
  • Easy to localise as per the requirement
  • Enhanced level of Security, with Push & Pull features.
  • Build institutional memory & knowledge repository, enabling quick search & retrieval.
  • For virtual meetings eCabinet is integrated with Bharat VC solution of NIC.

eCabinet offers secure value-added services such as online agenda points, build institutional memory, and update progress & display in large screen to Secretaries in waiting lounge.

Image of eCabinet offers secure value-added services

This Digital Solution is another milestone in the Digital India movement as it reduces physical contact and enables Smart Governance.

Image of eCabinet reduces physical contact and enables Smart Governance

Benefits/Impact of eCabinet

  • Saves huge resources of Paper, fuel, and manpower
  • Online Data Update
  • Information for all leading to coordinated action
  • Better decision making, Quick retrieval of Decisions taken in meetings and review Action taken
  • Enables Virtual participation of Ministers

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