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electronic Maintenance of Rural Roads under PMGSY

eMARG (electronic Maintenance of Rural Roads under PMGSY) is an enterprise e-Governance solution for maintenance of Rural Roads constructed under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna (PMGSY). Solution is developed for National Rural Infrastructure Development Agency (NRIDA), MoRD, GoI. It provides a standardized transparent process oriented system to manage & monitor maintenance of Rural Roads under Post Construction Defect Liability Period (DLP) of five years and Five year Performance Guarantee.

eMARG aids and assist the Govt. officials, Civil Contractors, SQC, SQM, Banks and citizens. Its end-to-end solution provides restricted role-based access via internet. It is fusion of innovative technologies on Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, ML, GIS & RS, Android, Cryptography, Open Source, 3M (Mobile, Messaging & Mail). NIC MP conceptualized, designed & developed application for DLP module & has successfully done national rollout in 1330 Project Implementation Units of 38 Departments covered in 30 States.

eMARG helps the officers to adopt standard operating procedure across the country as per the guidelines issued by department. It has been instrumental in reducing the cost of road maintenance & improve quality.

Image of eMARG instrumental in reducing the cost of road maintenance & improve quality

eMARG Portal Features:

  • Functionality for user on-boarding, user management/ administration.
  • Contractor Registration.
  • Interface with Construction packages data using Web Services.
  • Package and road verification, freezing, locking.
  • Monthly Online Bill generation on complex conditions of SSoR/ NIT/ Contract Agreements.
  • Statutory deductions: GST, Income Tax, Labourcess etc.
  • On-site Routine Inspection using Mobile App available on Google Play Store.
  • Performance Evaluation inspection by field Officers.
  • AI & ML model for automated Inspection evaluation.
  • Online submission & tracking of bills by Contractors.
  • Processing of Bills based on restrictive clauses, delays, inspections.
  • Interface for Bank authority towards disbursement of payment.
  • Query/ reports.
  • E-mail/ SMS alerts/ Notification App available on Google Play Store.
  • Electronic Dashboard and Analytics.
  • Google/HRSI interface.
  • Repository of digitally signed documents.
  • Integrated Support service for all stakeholders.

eMARG Inspection App:

eMARG Inspection App facilitates Field Engineers to perform on-site Routine Inspections and Road Registration. It enforces Inspection with geo-referenced Image of randomly selected chainage. Location information of the inspection is obtained from multiple sources by using fused location provider. It also facilitates alternate and reliable solution for OTP/ messages using FCM technology.

Image of eMARG Inspection App
Image of Impact of eMARG

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