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Government Aided Institution’s PF System

GAINPF is a project to establish a web based Provident Fund Monitoring system, driven by core ICT technologies, for Government aided Institutions in Kerala State. GAINPF software brings the PF activities of all Government Aided Institutions under a single umbrella. GAINPF is a workflow based Provident Fund monitoring system that captures the institutions, DDO, employee details etc. and provides interfaces and workflows for processing of PF related activities. The system takes care of computerizing the various stages of the work flow of PF subscription entry, Advance & withdrawal, refund, Interest Calculation etc. The system is implemented in all the aided institutions under Government of Kerala since April 2016

Salient features :

  • Master data (Department, Office, PAO Type, etc) Management through SPARK
  • Legacy Employees Admission to the PF system though SPARK
  • Automatic accounting the Monthly subscription, Loan recovery, Arrear Credits etc through Treasury
  • Online request/submission and processing of
      o    new PF Admission by integrating with SPARK
      o    Nominee details
      o    Temporary Advance (TA) Application
      o    Non Refundable Advance Application (NRA)
      o    Conversion of Temporary Advance to Non Refundable Advance
      o    PF Closure application
  • Electronic authorization of payments by the concerned PAO
  • Annual PF Interest Processing
  • Digitally signed Credit Card Issuance
  • View /download / print the PF Statement (Ledger sheet) and Credit Cards by the beneficiaries
  • MIS Reports as per user requirements

*SPARK, ‘Service and Payroll Administrative Repository for Kerala’ is an integrated Personnel, Payroll and Accounts information System for all the employees of Government of Kerala

Page Last Updated Date :April 26th, 2023
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