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GST Prime

An Analytical Tool for GST officers

GST Prime is a product by National Informatics Centre (NIC) to help the tax administrators of state/centre to analyse and monitor the tax collection and compliance in their jurisdiction. This system caters to the requirements of the field level offices and enforcement/intelligence offices to identify the defaulters and tax evaders. The system acts as an interface between GST Common Portal and E-way Bill Systems and tax administrators.

It provides analysed and actionable reports and helps in enforcing GST in a more efficient and effective manner. GST Prime, an Analytical tool for GST officers, has played important role in improving the indirect tax collection of the State as well as of the Central GST. The officers of the Commercial Taxes department have been dependent on the application for their day-to-day activities in terms of

  • Monitoring the tax compliance, to identify and initiate appropriate actions against the non-filers of returns
  • Identifying and highlighting the possible fraudulent activities carried out by taxpayers to evade taxes, establishing relations / possible links with other stakeholders in case of frauds
  • Identifying and reversal of ineligible Input Tax Credit claims
  • Having complete information on the taxpayers through the taxpayer profile etc.
  • Risk based analysis of the tax payers that helps identification of cases for scrutiny, audit etc.
  • AI based prediction of collection
Image of GST Prime Analytical tool for GST officers

Goals of GST Prime

  • Ensure GST Compliance
  • Meet targeted Tax Collection
  • Increase Tax Base
  • Identify Tax Evasion and Frauds
  • Predict the effect of Policy Change
Image of Goals of GST Prime

Analytics in GST Prime

The system generates more than 80 analytical and statistical reports

  • Predictive Analysis
  • ABC Analysis of Taxpayers
  • Matching Statements and External Data
  • Sectorial Returns and Analysis
  • Risk based analysis of the taxpayers
  • 360o View of the taxpayer
  • Tax analysis for top management for taking informed decisions
  • Real time data analytics
  • Building of supply chains and identification of circular trading
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