IVFRT – Immigration, Visa, Foreigner’s Registration and Tracking

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IVFRT – Immigration, Visa, Foreigner’s Registration and Tracking

Effective and Efficient Online Immigration Services

In order to Modernize and upgrade the Immigration services, “Immigration, Visa and Foreigners Registration & Tracking (IVFRT)” has been identified and included as one of the MMPs to be undertaken by the Ministry of Home Affairs under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP). The core objective of this Project is to develop and implement a secure and integrated service delivery framework that facilitates legitimate travelers while strengthening security. The scope of the project includes 169 Missions, 77 ICPs (Immigration Check Posts), 5 FRROs (Foreigners Regional Registration Offices), and FROs (Foreigners Registration Offices) in the State /District Headquarters.

The implementation of this MMP will enable authentication of traveler’s identity at the Missions, Immigration Check Posts (ICPs) and Foreigners Registration Offices (FROs) through use of intelligent document scanners and biometrics, updation of foreigner’s details at entry and exit points, improved tracking of foreigner’s through sharing of information captured during visa issuance at Missions, during immigration check at ICPs, and during registration at FRRO/ FROs.

Focus of the IVFRT Project

  • Security, Facilitation, Enablement and Integration of various Immigration related activities.

  • Authentication of traveler’s Identity at all encounter points.

  • Online Registration of Foreigners and automated service delivery system.

  • Centralized sharing of information.

  • Automated Passenger Profiling and Alerts.

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