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Manav Sampada

Manav Sampada is an all-in-one portal for Human Resource Management Solutions (HRMS) across Government Departments. It is a generalized solution for State Governments to facilitate in manpower planning and management.

The foremost objective of Manav Sampada is to provide a generic, product-based solution to the State/ Central Government organisations for better management of personnel through electronic Service Record. It further assists the top management in knowing the exact number of employees, the retirement pattern, additional requirements in coming year for planning recruitments, funds required for retiring employees, re-allocation of surplus employees to other Departments/organisations within the State, ACR/ Property Return status, seniority lists etc.

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After initial implementation of the Project in Himachal Pradesh, and realizing the benefits foreseen, many states replicated the project across the country, including Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Chandigarh, Punjab, Delhi, Assam, among others.

The Manav Sampada App enables the employees of any State Government in the country, who are using the Manav Sampada (Personnel MIS) software, to view their eService book (information related to employee, education, family, training, joining, leave, tour, salary service history etc).

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