Mid-Day Meals Automated Reporting & Management System (MDM-ARMS)

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Mid-Day Meals Automated Reporting & Management System (MDM-ARMS)

Automated Reporting Management System for Mid-Day Meal scheme

The MDM ARMS is a unique software, developed as a Product and offered as a Service, to any State Education Department of the country with negligible cost to improvise the quality of meals being served, thereby resulting in accurate reporting and increased enrollment in State Schools.

The primary objective of the MDM-ARMS software is the instant reporting of meals served in various schools of the State/ Country, primarily through SMS from the mobile phones of registered teachers on the nation-wide Toll-Free Number. This Toll-Free Number is available across all mobile service providers of the country and no charges are levied to the registered teachers for sending the Daily Mid-Day Meal Data through SMS on this number.

The application is also augmented with a Mobile App for android users to send monthly and daily figures using internet without remembering the SMS formats to be followed. The Mobile App helps Block, District and State Administrators to effectively monitor the daily data transmission and send alerts to users, if required.

The MDM-ARMS software developed by NIC Himachal Pradesh, has been replicated in 17 states, covering over 3 lakh schools. About 6 lakh teachers report the daily meals data from their mobile phones, which gets reflected in the National MDM portal. The software is supported by a web interface for management and Mobile App for both monitoring and sending data.

The backend software comprising of several configurable master tables for storing location, school, teachers, reason for non-serving, student/teacher attendance, alerts, monitoring tools, direct entry of meals data, graphical reports, interfacing with the mobile app, GIS reports etc.

The MDM Mobile App has been awarded the Digital India Award Gold Icon 2016 under the Mobile Apps category and has more than 80,000 downloads on Google Play Store. The MDM ARMS has also been awarded the CSI Nihilent eGovernance Award 2018 at Kolkata in January 2018.

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