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NICCI Chatbot

Chatbots are systems based on artificial intelligence that we interact in naturel language

Image of NICCI Chatbot

NICCI (NIC Chat Interface), निकी is the dynamic and smart Chatbot service developed by NIC Rajasthan to provide Chatbot interface to any portal. The virtual assistance service has been developed in a way so that it may be plugged with any application without any programming requirements. NICCI uses proximity rules, bot rules, and language rules for maximum weighted reply. It is voice-enabled service and as soon as query is asked by the user, it breaks the query into the meaningful words to find out the suitable reply, and assess the user’s query to give related responses by typing on the bot and through speech. With the help of this service, users’ may quickly receive responses of any queries related to the domain, that too without any staff engagements.

NICCI is very useful for citizen specific portals where 24×7 assistance is required. NICCI is Hindi enabled i.e. any query asked in Hindi is also answered suitably.  Citizens often asked silly questions to the bot which is also being politely answered by the NICCI

Image of NICCI Chatbot Interface

Content Management System

For maintaining and enhancing the contents of the Chatbot, bot is supported with Content Management System (CMS). Access of the CMS is given to the Portal administrator where multiple portals of the same administrator may be mapped. Administrator may maintain the responses related to the portal through the CMS. Bilingual responses (Hindi and English) can also be maintained to enable the bilingual chatbot interface. CMS also maintains the unanswered queries, i.e. queries that were asked by the users but could not be replied by the bot due to insufficient knowledge. These queries may be answered through the administrator dashboard so that bot knowledge can be enhanced and the query may be suitably answered to user next time. It also shows the ranking of the questions, hit counter and the related options to the portal administrator. Chatbot Background colour, font, portal logo, portal name and helpline number to be displayed on the bot may also be configured through the CMS which can be tested on the CMS before making it live.

Salient Features

  • Dynamic and Configurable Chatbot Service
  • Content Management System for configuration and setting
  • Maintains Ranking of Questions
  • Voice enabled responses
  • Integration with user database for customised query
  • Save Chat facility for user
  • Secured Chatbot
  • Portal specific Hit counter
  • Responsive Chatbot may be configured for any Portal or Mobile App
  • Bot Rules
  • Regional Language Support
  • Offensive dialogue with the bot are muted
  • User’s Star Rating
  • User’ Feedback
Image of NICCI Chatbot Mobile App


  • Simple easy to use interface.
  • 24×7 digital assistance specially for citizen centric portals.
  • Improves citizen service/satisfaction.
  • Used to monitor satisfaction level data.
  • Chatbot implementation with any portal without any coding requirements.
  • Regional Language Support.
  • Query answered by speaking to cover larger audience.
  • Cost effective solution.
  • Learning to enhance the knowledge base.

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