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Image of Parichay single sign-on platforms

Parichay (G2G) for Government users and Jan-Parichay (G2C) for Citizens are a multilingual single sign-on platforms designed to onboard the users under a single authentication framework. The Government SSO (Single-Sign-On) platform is a One-stop authentication platform and enhances network and application security. Parichay & Jan-Parichay can uniquely identify a user based on diverse attributes like aadhaar/PAN/Mobile/ any email etc , and they comply with global security standards including two-step multifactor authentication, geofencing, per service authorization, pluggable auth stores as well authentication mechanisms, alerts on security-related activities, and auditing accounts in real-time, thus reducing potential hacks.

While Parichay authorizes government employees to access various NIC services based on “user department” and the Government eMail address ( etc) , Jan Parichay authorizes citizens to access citizen-centric services based on various parameters such as Aadhaar no/PAN Card/ Email (allows public addresses like @gmail/@yahoo ) , Driving License, and other application-based parameters.

Page Last Updated Date :May 12th, 2023
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