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Pro-Active and Responsive facilitation by Interactive Virtuous & Environmental Single-window Hub

Image of PARIVESH Environmental Single-window Hub

In order to bring more transparency and accountability in the forests, environment and wildlife clearance process, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate change, Government of India has rolled out a portal named as Pro-Active Responsive facilitation by Interactive and Virtuous Environmental Single Window Hub (PARIVESH).

PARIVESH is a web based, role based, G2C and G2G workflow application that are developed for online submission and monitoring of the proposals submitted by the user agencies for seeking forests, environment and wildlife clearances. It automates the entire tracking of proposals which includes online submissions of a new proposal, editing/updating the details of proposals and displays status of the proposals at each stage of the workflow. The system is based on the Web Architecture. It uses IIS as an Application Server, .Net as a framework and SQL Server as a database server.

The Main Objectives are:

  • To enhance efficiency, transparency and accountability in the Forest, Environment and Wildlife Clearance Process.

  • To reduce turnaround time for activity.

  • To enhance responsiveness through workflows automation and availability of real time information.

  • To enhance ease and convenience of citizens and businesses in accessing information and services.

  • To achieve standardization in processes across regional and state level.

Image of PARIVESH Web Architecture

Core Features of PARIVESH are:

  • A role-based workflow application that helps User Agencies in online submission of the proposals seeking forest, environment and wildlife clearances and tracking the proposals.

  • A single window interface provided to the User Agencies for the submission of proposals for Environmental, Forests and Wildlife Clearances

  • Facilitate management in effective monitoring.

  • Delays in the clearance process can be ascertained

  • Accessible from any PC having internet facility

  • 24×7 Online

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