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Package for Effective Administration of Registration Laws

PERAL Suite is a web based open source application for the Department of Registration, Govt. of Kerala, specifically meant to carry out the activities of the Sub Registrar offices and related services to the public. It deploys a public interface for Citizen Centric Online service delivery, a Content Management Web Portal for Department of Registration and a Web Application as intranet for SRO functionality

PEARL SUITE Consists of

  • Website & CMS:
  • PEARL NET – Multi-lingual, Web-based application for on-line services of the Department of Registration
  • OPEN PEARL – Web-based centralized application to carry out all the functionalities of Sub Registrar Offices in Kerala
  • CORAL– Chitty Online Registration And Liason.

PEARL SUITE provides centralized database and enables G2G, G2C, G2B services.

Core Services

  • Property Registration
  • Certificate Services – Encumbrance, List, Certified Copy
  • Marriage Solemnization and Registration
  • E-Payment integrated with E-Treasury [CRA]
  • Model Document
  • Chit Registration
  • Gehan Filing and Release
  • Maintenance of Accounts and registers
  • Governance Reports for decision making
  • Under Valued Property Assessment & payment
  • Accounts & Reports

Salient features

  • E-Payment.
  • e-Stamping
  • e-POS Integration
  • Archival of registered documents
  • Anywhere Registration.
  • Online Token system for scheduling Registration
  • Online submission of Applications
  • SMS integration
  • Online delivery of Digitally Signed Certificates
  • Unicode support
  • Template based document Registration

Impact / Benefits

  • E-Stamping
    •  Prevents fake e-stamp
    •  Eliminates stamp paper scarcity
    •   Eliminates the complex logistics in Security printing, storage, distribution, delivery, accounting, management, monitoring, stock taking, demand         projection etc for physical stamp papers resulting in major financial gains
    •  Revenue accounting is automatic and transparent
    •  Stamp paper denomination is irrelevant
  • E-payment /E-POS
    • Cashless Office
    • Revenue accounting is automatic and transparent
    • Automatic reconciliation among various departments and stakeholders
  • SMS service to update citizens about status of their requests
  • Anywhere Registration –Property Registration is possible at any SR offices in Kerala irrespective of Jurisdiction
  • Document Scanning & preservation –Registered documents are scanned preserved in DMS so that this can be retrieved at any time
  • Online applications – Citizens need not visit office for application submission
  • Online delivery of digitally signed certificates – Citizen need not Visit to SR office for Certificates
  • System generated reports and queries for facilitating timely information and decision making by higher officials
  • Template based document Registration- Citizen can self prepare the deed without the support of document writers/Advocates
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