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Document Organiser App

Document scanning is a routine exercise of any Government office. NIC Madhya Pradesh conceptualized PRATIBIMB, an indigenous, secure document scanning App.

Image of PRATIBIMB document scanning App


“PRATIBIMB” is a Scanner App for Document Scanning and PDF Creation. The Application has been designed and developed by NIC Madhya Pradesh. The Application facilitates document scanning and digitizes physical documents in organized manner. PRATIBIMB lets one quickly scan any kind of physical documents such as office orders, note-sheets, images, bills, receipts, books, magazines and anything that needs to be digitized and saved as PDFs, within no time.

Image of PRATIBIMB Scanner App for Document Scanning and PDF Creation

Salient Features

  • Merge Multiple images/documents to create one document
  • Document Scanning – Use Camera Icon or Media Icon to take picture of the document or take it from existing media.
  • Page Quality Enhancement – Blur, Glow, Rounded corners, grayscale etc
  • Share on Whatsapp, Email and Social Media
  • Document Gallery – Document Gallery allows to view all documents.
  • Multi-language support – Hindi, English, Gujarati, Telugu
Image of PRATIBIMB Salient Features

Google Play Store link
Image of PRATIBIMB Google Play Store link

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