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Pursuing Excellence in Governance

PRAYAS is a data driven framework that enables government to visualize progress of its flagship schemes on a single platform and monitor their progress through identified Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). PRAYAS electronically captures aggregated anonymous data from IT systems of respective schemes in a predefined format at an agreed frequency and granularity through APIs. PRAYAS is able to maintaining a single source of truth across multiple officers of Government. PRAYAS also helps to generate actionable insight to assess implementation and reach of different flagship schemes across various dimensions, such as Sector, Department, State and District as well as on a time scale.

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The core features of the PRAYAS include real time performance management with identification of leaders and laggards States/ UTs and comparative dashboard to undertake interrelation studies to ascertain correlations between the key parameters across multiple schemes. Through data collection and processing, PRAYAS results powerful analytics in form of visualization dashboards with uniformity, insights and ease of interpretation. This platform with consolidated view of 175+ schemes and 1000+ KPIs across 63 Departments / Ministries paves the path for better Governance.

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The data for PRAYAS is getting collected through electronic mode with well-defined frequency and granularity. The provision for alert generation is also in place for data sharing at defined periodic interval. For data standardization, Local Government Directory (LGD) is being used. PRAYAS web application is developed by integration of visualization engine with defined user authorizations and Parichay authentication.

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PRAYAS empowers policy decision makers to quick information access to analyze performance of schemes parameters across location and time. PRAYAS enables implementation agencies to monitor progress of Schemes/ Programs, through comparative view, graphic presentation, identify better performing Regions/ States/ Union Territories, etc.

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PRAYAS has been built with a vision – to provide an integrated and consistent view of the performance of Government Programs/ Schemes and is designed to facilitate data-driven governance for efficient management / decisions.

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