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Rajasthan Business Register

Business Register is a frame of establishments along with additional information belonging to the respective subsectors such as trade, hotels, restaurants, transport, storage, communication, real estate, Legal & business services, industry, factories and all other activities engaged in the production of goods and services that add value to the state income. As notified by Government of Rajasthan in 2016, any business entrepreneur setting any type of business in Rajasthan state has to get Business Registration Number (BRN) online. To automate the process of Business Registration, BR portal is developed by NIC Rajasthan through which Registration process is simplified and automated for the citizens. There is no offline/other mechanism available for Business Registration Number in the state and citizens need not to go to any office for registration of their BRN. Business entrepreneurs may register their business entity itself on the ‘BR’ portal. Portal is integrated to Single Window System of the state and to the other registering authorities to minimize the movement of paper documents. In 2018, Government further issued directions to extend the facilities to NGO/VO for taking BRN through the ‘BR’ portal.

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Rajasthan Business Register is an integrated system to capture details of running and to be established business in Rajasthan. District Business Register serve as a useful tool for creation of district level statistical information and also to establish frame for conducting sector wise surveys time to time. Initially district wise business entrepreneurs data taken from Industry department and survey was conducted by the department to access the status of business situation. Active business entities were identified and imported in the BR portal. Afterwards all the new business establishments are required to register on BR portal. The system allows the GoR to keep an eye on new business activities and NGOs in the state. It is used to generate area wise business profile in the state. The system has integrated approach in which a data once captured by BR portal for any business entrepreneur need not to submit again as portal is integrated to all concerned departments. In short, Rajasthan Business Register has now become a tool for Rajasthan towards a Digital Age for planning purpose.

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Salient Features

  • Uniform process of Registration (BRN) across the state.
  • Business Entrepreneurs may apply online for Registration. No offline mechanism available.
  • Minimized duplicity of Registration due to Single Registration portal in the state.
  • Maintenance of Centralized Registration database, which can be used for various analysis purposes.
  • Availability of various MIS reports at District & State level.
  • Facility to online search Registration by the citizens.
  • Uniform Registration certificate in the state.
  • Circulation of instructions, notifications etc. to District Business Registrars / Citizens.
  • SMS Alerts to citizens
  • BRN delivery by email (if available)
  • QR Code implementation on BRN certificate.

Key benefits of the projects

  • Transparency in Business Registration System.
  • Generate area wise business profile, beneficial for planning purpose.
  • Speedy Registration and Issuance of Certificates.
  • Useful for Economic Census in the State./li>
  • Analysing existing potential business markets.
  • Assessing/assisting market research.
  • Economic Solution – In-House Development

Integration with Departments

  • Integration with UIDAI for Aadhaar Authentication.
  • Integration with Rajasthan Jan Aadhaar Scheme for Authentication.
  • Integration with all the registering Authorities for authenticating the BRN and getting their registration number with validity to BRN database.
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