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Service Plus

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ServicePlus is an open source based configurable, unified framework for service delivery and grievance redressal. The web-based application facilitates rapid rollout of any service, any time, at any level and by any Government entity. Developed on LowCode–NoCode (LCNC) architecture, ServicePlus has powerful in-built tools/ interfaces for designing, configuring and executing the delivery of any service. ServicePlus enables use of a single platform across the lifecycle of any service. ServicePlus being a Multi-Tenant Application, the central instance is being used by 19 States and 9 Central Line Ministries. Another 13 instances are used by various States.

Salient Features:

  • Form Designer – Allows the service owner to design their forms through drag and drop interface.

  • Proces flow designer – Allows the service owner to design the process flow of their service.

  • Notification Designer – SMS and/or Email notifications can be designed for each event of definers choice. • Document Designer – Allows the service owner to design the output as per their choice. Conditional data management allows one document designer to hold multiple formats.

  • External System Configuration – Dynamic integration with external systems over web.

  • API Mobile Enablement – Any service, defined through ServicePlus can be rendered on any device through the device independent rendering engine.

  • Analytics – Supported by a strong Analytics module.

  • SP Reports – Allows to generate Reports on Services configured through ServicePlus.

  • Mobile API – Provision to integrate the services with any external Mobile App.

  • Mobile APP: Allows to access Services offered through ServicePlus.

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ServicePlus received the Gold Award at Digital India Awards 2020 in Exemplary Product Category.

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