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Soil Health Card Portal

A Card for Soil Health Management

Soil Health Card Portal is a web and smart phone-based application developed for Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Government of India. It facilitates generation of Soil Health Cards (SHC) in 22 different languages, 5 dialects and in local units for the benefit of farmers in uniform and standardized format across the country.

A SHC provides the farmer with the nutrient status of his land and gives recommendations on the dosage of fertilizers, bio-fertilizers, organic fertilizers as well as soil amendments to maintain soil health in the long run.

One Card – Multiple Benefits

Promotes awareness among farmers for judicious use of fertilizers leading to:

  • Need based use of external inputs
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced cost of cultivation
  • Sustainable soil health


  • Accessibility -Web and Mobile Application
  • Tracking and Notification alerts
  • Automatic calculations of recommendations
  • All type of Fertilizers
  • Multilingual
  • Dashboard and MIS reports
  • Pictorial Soil Maps
  • Links of mFMS, Land records and DM Dashboard

Sample Registration requires entry of details about Farmer, his Land holdings, crops for which recommendations are sought and fertilizers available to improve the health of the soil.

Mobile application – Captures the longitude and latitude of the place automatically where samples are collected thus ensuring authenticity of the sample collection and correctness of the information.

Test Result Entry – Mobile App is used by Soil Testing Lab Officials at the soil testing laboratories to enter the test results for 12 parameters of the registered soil samples.

Mobile Application does not require net connectivity during sample details entry from the fields or test results entry. Data is stored and pushed on server whenever net connectivity is established.

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