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Soil Health Card Portal

A Card for Soil Health Management

Soil Health Card Portal is a web and smart phone-based application developed for Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Government of India. It facilitates generation of Soil Health Cards (SHC) in 22 different languages, 5 dialects and in local units for the benefit of farmers in uniform and standardized format across the country.

A SHC provides the farmer with the nutrient status of his land and gives recommendations on the dosage of fertilizers, bio-fertilizers, organic fertilizers as well as soil amendments to maintain soil health in the long run.

Image of Soil Health Card Portal
Image of Soil Health Card Portal Workflow

One Card – Multiple Benefits

Promotes awareness among farmers for judicious use of fertilizers leading to:

  • Need based use of external inputs
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced cost of cultivation
  • Sustainable soil health
Image of Soil Map


  • Accessibility -Web and Mobile Application
  • Tracking and Notification alerts
  • Automatic calculations of recommendations
  • All type of Fertilizers
  • Multilingual
  • Dashboard and MIS reports
  • Pictorial Soil Maps
  • Links of mFMS, Land records and DM Dashboard

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