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Over the last few decades NIC has been at the forefront of advancing use of ICT by government bodies of the country. NIC is operating in a technological landscape characterised by continuous evolution of electronic devices and rapid advancements in ICT technologies such as Mobility, Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT). Having contributed substantially towards R&D in the past, NIC continuously strives to strengthen R&D activities within the organisation to further the research work in related fields and produce tangible widescale improvements in technology’s use and its management by the government . The Research Papers and Publications created by NICians are an excellent way to showcase these efforts and provide further encouragement for research and development activities across the organisation.

Optimization of Block Query Response Using Evolutionary Algorithm

DOI No. :  10.1007/978-981-16-0171-2_54            Year : 2021

Authors : Sandeep Kumar Panda , Siba Prasad Dash , Ajay Kumar Jena

Journal : Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing,Data Engineering and Intelligent Computing

publisher : Springer Singapore

Containerization: Cloud Computing based Inspiration Technology for Adoption through Docker and Kubernetes

DOI No. :  10.1109/ICESC51422.2021.9532917            Year : 2021

Authors : Sanjay Hardikar , Pradeep Ahirwar , Sameer Rajan

Journal : 2021 Second International Conference on Electronics and Sustainable Communication Systems (ICESC)

publisher : IEEE

Towards Precision Agriculture: IoT-Enabled Intelligent Irrigation Systems Using Deep Learning Neural Network

DOI No. :            Year : 2021

Authors : Pankaj Kumar Kashyap , Ankita Jaiswal , Amir H. Gandomi

Journal : IEEE Sensors Journal

publisher : Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Security in Cloud Computing in Indian Government

DOI No. :  10.47164/ijngc.v12i3.808            Year : 2021

Authors : Shri Nitin Vishnu Choudhari , Dr. Ashish B Sasankar


publisher : Perpetual Innovation Media Pvt. Ltd.

Unconstrained Reformulation of Sequential Quadratic Programming and Its Application in Convex Optimization

DOI No. :  10.1007/978-981-16-1819-2_8            Year : 2021

Authors : R. Sadhu , C. Nahak , Shri Siba Prasad Dash

Journal : Optimization, Variational Analysis and Applications,Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics

publisher : Springer Singapore

Traffic and Energy Aware Optimization for Congestion Control in Next Generation Wireless Sensor Networks

DOI No. :            Year : 2021

Authors : Saneh Lata Yadav , R. L. Ujjwal , Omprakash Kaiwartya , Pankaj Kumar Kashyap

Journal : Journal of Sensors

publisher : Hindawi Limited

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