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Over the last few decades NIC has been at the forefront of advancing use of ICT by government bodies of the country. NIC is operating in a technological landscape characterised by continuous evolution of electronic devices and rapid advancements in ICT technologies such as Mobility, Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT). Having contributed substantially towards R&D in the past, NIC continuously strives to strengthen R&D activities within the organisation to further the research work in related fields and produce tangible widescale improvements in technology’s use and its management by the government . The Research Papers and Publications created by NICians are an excellent way to showcase these efforts and provide further encouragement for research and development activities across the organisation.

AI-Driven Fraud Detection and Mitigation in e-Commerce Transactions

DOI No. :  10.1007/978-981-16-6289-8_34            Year : 2022

Authors : IQBAL HASAN, SAM Rizvi

Journal : Proceedings of Data Analytics and Management,Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies

publisher : Springer, Singapore

Game Theory-Based Proof of Stake Mining in Blockchain for Sustainable Energy Efficiency

DOI No. :            Year : 2022

Authors : NITIN KUMAR TYAGI, Mukta Goyal, Adarsh Kumar

Journal : Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering,International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Engineering

publisher : Springer Singapore

SAMPANN- Automated System for Pension Disbursal in India

DOI No. :  Springer SIST.ISSN Number - 2190-3018            Year : 2022

Authors : Shri Vivek Gupta , Shri Ravi Kumar , Ms. Gargi Bhakta , Ms. Ramya Rajamanickam , Shri Anoop Kumar Mantoo , Ms. Archna Bhusri

publisher : Sixth International Conference on ICT for Intelligent Systems (ICTIS – 2022)

Privacy Preserving Optimized Fuzzy like Search over Encrypted Data using Phonology

DOI No. :  10.5120/ijca2022922045            Year : 2022

Authors : Dr. Saurabh Gupta , Shri Piyushank Gupta , Shri Anup Kumar

Journal : International Journal of Computer Applications

publisher : Foundation of Computer Science

Robust Multi-Sensor Facial Recognition in Real Time using Nvidia DeepStream

DOI No. :  IJERTV11IS010096            Year : 2022


Journal : International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT)

publisher :


DOI No. :  ICCET220913            Year : 2022

Authors : Shri Ajai Gopal Bhartariya

Journal : ICCET -2022 Conference Proceedings

publisher : Sabanayagam Publications, Chennai

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