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Remote Sensing & GIS

Digital India aims to establish end to end geo-spatial electronics delivery systems as part of Mission Mode Projects in e-Governance domain and envisages ‘National GIS Mission’ as core foundation of location-based Electronic Delivery of Services for Planning & Governance.


Platforms for GIS Service Delivery of NIC

a) Visualization services (
These services are open to Government as well as citizens

(b) Map services (
NIC has developed an automated map service dissemination application consisting of about 32 layers. This platform enables all the NIC officers to access and integrate map services in their e-Gov application. Map services are being provided to various Ministries and Departments like the Ministry of Sanitation and Drinking Water for SBM (Gramin), Drinking Water Portal etc. Similar services are being provided to the Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Urban Development, Department of Land Resources, Department of Labour, Vahan & Sarathi projects, Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS), Health Management Information System (HMIS) etc.

(c) Geocoding and Reverse geocoding services
Geocoding is the process of transforming a description of a location such as a pair of coordinates, an address and name of a place to a location on the earth’s surface. NIC has incorporated three geocoding options on Bharat Maps – NIC Place Locator, Pin code Locator and ESRI World Geocoder.

(d) NIC Satellite Imagery
Satellite imagery is one valid source of latest location information, and therefore, having its base map service is of added advantage for visualization and verifying data. As a part of the “Upscaling of Multi-layer GIS Framework” project, it was required to create in-house and high resolution national image services for upgrading the existing selected GIS layers to 1:10,000 scale and encourage its use in various e-Gov applications instead of the external services like Google, Bing etc.

GIS platform, established by National Informatics Centre (NIC), using NICMAPS services, has been revamped as ‘BHARAT MAPS’. It depicts the core foundation data as an integrated multi-scale, multi-resolution base map service using reference data from various agencies.

Image of NICMAPS

NIC’s Multi-Layer GIS Platform, Bharat Maps defines such a multi-scale and multi-resolution service-oriented framework, which is leveraging even API based OGC compliant (WMS, WFS etc.) Map Services to get integrated with e-Governance workflows associated with flagship programmes of the Government such as Swachh Bharat Mission, Schools, Telecom, Health, Drinking Water & Sanitation, Rural Development & Panchayati Raj, Roads and Agriculture. It is an essential component of Digital India program to ensure easy, effective and economical governance. It also provides GIS based decision support system to Central and State Government Departments for delivering citizen centric services.

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