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Nagaland situated in the north-eastern India and it is considered to be one of the most remote states in the Country. Implementation of developmental work has been an uphill task due to the difficult terrain of the state and in this context, the presence of NIC in Nagaland acquires more significance. NIC State Centre was established in Nagaland in the year 1989. NIC District Centres are fully operational in all the districts of Nagaland. NIC Nagaland State Centre, located at the New Secretariat Complex, Kohima is the apex NIC body in the state and co-ordinates with the working of all the District Centres and the State Government.

NIC had pioneered in bringing IT culture to Nagaland way back in the early nineties with its nationwide satellite-based computer communication network (NICNET) and now with 10 GBPS high bandwidth OFC connectivity. It provides e-mail services, Internet access, file transfer facility, office automation, development of computer-based Management Information System (MIS), and hosting of the state websites and applications etc. NIC has helped in making the state of Nagaland a part of the Global village.

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