Jharkhand: The 28th state of the Indian Union came into existence on 15th November '2000 with Ranchi as its capital.
Jharkhand has Bihar in the North, Orissa in the south, West Bengal in the east , Chattisgarh and U.P. in the west. It spans over 310 km along North-south and 457 km along East-West.

Ranchi, the capital of the state is a plateau made up mainly of granite and nice stones at a height of 600 meter.
The slopes of the plateau give rise to various beautiful falls like DASAM, HUNDRU, JONHA, GAUTAMDHARA etc on the way of the rivers. Some major rivers are- North Koyal, South Koyal, Phalgu, Sakari, Pancham, Damodar, Swarna Rekha, Barakar, Sankh, Ajay. Swarnarekha is an independent river merging directly with the sea.

Parasnath Hill is the highest peak of the state at a height of 1358 meters.
There are 31 main tribes in the state out of which 17 are major and 14 are minor. Santhal, Oraon, Munda and Ho lead the tribal population of the state. Various tribes, variety in their dresses, cultures, languages and life style add multi colour to the state.

The state is 15th in the country in terms of area. Ranchi is the largest populated city and Lohardagga is the least populated city. Dhanbad is on top and Gumla at bottom in the population density list.
Jharkhand covers 16% of the total minerals of the country. It is famous for its rich mineral resources like Uranium, Mica, Bauxite, Granite, Gold, Silver, Graphite, Magnetite, Dolomite, Fireclay, Quartz, Fieldspar, Coal (32% of India), Iron, Copper (25%of India) etc. Forests and woodlands occupy more than 29% of the state, which is amongst the highest in India

It has been the land of braves and warriors. Ashoka, samudragupta, Moguls none could ever have a presence here. Bhagwan Birsa Munda, Thakur Viswanath Sahdeo, Gaya Munda, Sanre Munda, Sukhram Munda, Jatra Bhagat were some of the great warriors who fought against the britishers and sacrificed their lives.

There should be a special mention for the people, Tana Bhagats of Jharkhand for whom paying obeisance to the national flag, singing Vande Mataram, the national song of the country and following the Gandhian values is part of their daily routine.

NIC Jharkhand State Centre

NIC Jharkhand State Centre (JHSC), is at the forefront in implementing ICT based projects for the state government, and has earned many laurels towards implementing projects which has initiated e-governance in different sectors the state.
The reach of NIC at all the districts of the state along with the state center at Ranchi helped the state in implementing its major e-Governance projects. The implementation of State Wide Area Network (JharNet) by the state government has solved the last mile connectivity problem, creating a seamless backbone for connectivity up to the block level from the state capital, facilitating video conferencing, IP telephony and Data center based services.
Coupled with IT consultancy and software design, development & implementation, NIC with its high speed state of art Network - NICNET has augmented the efforts in providing ICT based citizen services, data /video connectivity, web hosting etc. and has emerged as a total IT solution provider to the state government.

Establishment of Data Centre

A state of art "Data & Network Centre "(iNOC) having terabyte of storage space and high speed communication link, has been established at NIC Ranchi. NICNET has expanded up to the 22 districts of Jharkhand. All the districts are connected to State Network Centre. The data centre is secured through CISCO PIX redundant Firewalls along with IPS for Intrusion prevention. The antivirus server helps in smooth operation of the nodes. NIC Data Centre is connected through NICNET at State Head Quarter, Ranchi. It consists of 1 TB Storage Area Network (SAN) with 10 servers. The data centre provides Hosting platforms like Apache over Linux/IIS over Windows with Oracle, MySQL and PGSQL database. The cluster servers with Oracle RAC are provided for high availability and high reliability. Several Citizen centric applications are hosted in the data centre. Applications like SAMWAD and e-NAGRIKSEWA are the two most used applications. Apart from this Court case monitoring system and Transport monitoring system are of great help to the citizen as well as administrators.

Web Hosting

NIC has been actively involved in providing information services by representing the state and its important institutions to the cyber community through development and hosting of websites. The details about the state can be found at Apart from the above NIC has hosted more than fifty websites of other govt. departments, PSU's, etc.

2nd Floor, Engineers Hostel Building-II,HEC, Dhurwa
All state bound projects of NIC are listed here, please click on the state to view the related projects.
  • Online VAT
    • The online VAT software for computerization of commercial tax has been a major e-governance initiative in the state. On one hand the software has improved tax compliance, reduced tax evasion while on the other has brought many new commercial establishments into the tax net.

      Following modules that are running on the web based VAT Software

         Registration Process
         Return Filing Process
         Payment System
         MIS reports on the above processes.


         New Dealer Registration (JVAT 101)
         Old Dealer Registration (JVAT 100)
         Composite Dealer Registration (JVAT 103)
         Registration Certificate (JVAT 106 & JVAT 108)
         Registration Certificate Amendment (JVAT 110)
         Application for RC Cancellation (JVAT 105)
         Cancellation of Registration Certificate (JVAT 111)
         Compulsory Cancellation of Registration Certificate (JVAT 112)


         Return Receipt
         Monthly Return Filing (JVAT 213)
         Quarterly Return Filing (JVAT 200 and JVAT 214)
         Annual Return (JVAT 204 & JVAT 201)
         Quarter Return by Composite Dealers (JVAT 211)
         Annual Return by Composite Dealers (JVAT 212)


         Payment Receipt
         Challan Entry (JVAT 205)
         Cheque Register
         Bank Scroll
         Register VIII
         Tracing Dealer Tin wise


         Top 25 Dealer Entry
         Act wise Collection Details
         VAT/Non-VAT Collection Details
         Sector wise Collection Details
         Top 31 Commodity

      ONLINE RETURN FILING is ready for pilot implementation


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  • Online VAT Computerisation
    • The online VAT software for computerization of commercial tax has been a major e-governance initiative in the state. Apart from computerization of processes like Registration, Return Filing and Payment, major e-Services have also been launched. e-Return and e-Payments with six major nationalized banks have already been started. e-Payment presently operates through the banks portal with day-end data updating at the commercial taxes and treasuries system databases through XML. The software has improved tax compliance, reduced tax evasion and has brought many new commercial establishments into the tax net. The state has been able to reach the target of tax collection, much ahead in time, because of introduction of e-payment.

      Contact Details

      State Informatics Officer

      0651- 2400746
  • GPF Computerization
    • The GPF/CPS Computerization starts from the pay bill. The department in this case prepares monthly pay bill in which the GPF/CPS subscription of each employees are mentioned. This is called scheduled. This schedule is taken at the treasury, tallied with the pay bill and then given to the GPF Department for posting at their end.

      The software has three types of users namely admin, GPF operator & CPS operator. The admin operator creates users, import data from the treasury, post the data imported from the treasury into proper tables & takes back up the database.

      The GPF operator maintains the employee master, prepares GPF accounts of the individual as per the requirement, maintains interest rate of the GPF & maintains all other tables related to the GPF.

      The CPS operator Maintain the employee master of persons joining under CPS scheme, [In case of CPS, the CPS number is allotted at the Directorate of Provident Fund, Ranchi. The software also generates the CPS number as per the guidelines given by the Finance Department, Government of Jharkhand], prepares the CPS accounts of the individual as per the requirement, maintains interest rate of the CPS, maintains all other tables related to the CPS.

      The software has been successfully implemented at the District Provident Offices of the state.

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  • Integrated Online Treasury Information System of Jharkhand (KUBER)
    • The online system integrates the functions of DDO (Bill preparation) Treasury operations, Bank payments & Receipts and GPF accounting. It provides digital interface of treasury accounts to AG, CPS data transfer to NSDL (Fund manager), SMS based communication & an exhaustive MIS to the Government and the employees. Secure operations, proper validations and checks on fund, online advices to the bank, introduction of biometrics security at the Treasury Officer level and salary bill entries at the DDO level itself are some of the unique features of the system. Compulsory capture of GPF/ CPF schedules at the source facilitates the GPF accounting. The MIS provides daily receipts and expenditure positions up to the subhead level for any treasury, DDO, demand no., etc. DDOs and subscribers can view the details of their GPF/ CPF contributions on the web interface directly. The initiative has brought major finance sectors of the state online under an integrated umbrella. Apart from transparency, ease of operation and access to information, state has been able to go for a better fiscal management.

      Contact Details

      State Informatics Officer

      0651- 2400746
  • High court Computerization
    • The Cause Lists Management Information System helps the courts for centralized filing of cases instituted at the Court. As soon as a case is filed at the "Filing Section Counter", token is issued for that case and verification of stamp & relevant documents are done by the sections. If any discrepancy is found, the case is not instituted for listing and defective list i.e. Lawazima is generated for such cases. In the case of Regular Bail, if anyone has filed a case earlier and the Hon'ble Court has rejected the case, the provision of cross check is made and file is submitted before the courts. Before preparation of cause lists the systems takes the adjourned cases automatically assigned to the Judge. Constitution is prepared according to the instruction of Hon'ble Chief Justice and new cases are allocated to the judges according to the constitution prepared.

      Civil, Criminal, Interlocutory, AO, Caveat cases are filed and access by the system. There is a provision of online slip and bench slip for the preparation of cause list. The Court masters of the courts update their progress or the action taken by the court online. The facility of enquiry counter helps the litigant, advocates to know the status of courts. All sections of the court also avail this facility for smooth accessing of the case.

      Different types of statistical reports are made available like order sheet of the case, daily institution Register, Interlocutory, AO filing lists, defective list, pendency list, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly judge wise disposal lists, adjournment list, daily and monthly cause lists. The cause lists are uploaded on the website. One can generates the cause list on his/her own by choosing the option individual case wise, Party wise (Petitioner & Respondent), Judge wise and text wise. One can get the case status on website Litigant can also know their case status through IVRS.

      The courtrooms, chambers of Hon'ble Judges, office of Registrar and sections are connected with LAN and 2MBPS leased lines to access the internet. All the Judges of the courts and registry members have e-mail accounts.

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  • City Civil Court Computerization
    • The cases are filed at the filing counters through CMIS with party and advocate details. The cases are then posted to the Hon'ble Judges of the courts with next hearing / listing date. The forms include the purpose of the case, connected cases, Witness details, lower court details, property details, action taken by the courts, FIR details, etc. Cause lists are prepared by the individual courts daily with next listing date under different heading, which is uploaded daily on the Website. The daily orders and judgments are also uploaded on the Web. The enquiry counter gives the status of the case to the litigant as well as advocates. Litigants can also get their case status on the website The daily orders and judgments are also made available on the website with different search options like Judge wise, Court wise, date wise, individual case wise etc. Different types of statistical reports are also prepared as per the requirement of the court like cause list of individual court, pendency report, disposal report, summon issued to the witness, summon, bailable & non bailable warrants issued to the accused etc.

      CMIS software is national project developed by NIC Hq. The City Civil Court, Ranchi has four buildings consisting of 45 courts. All Courts, Sections are connected by LAN with UTP OFC cabling. Internet connectivity is also provided to the Judicial Commissioner through VSAT.

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  • Consumer Forum Computerization (CONFONET)
    • To set up Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure at Consumer redressal forums in the country including Jharkhand to provide IT solution at each level in order to provide:
          Transparency and efficiency
          Systematizing of work
          To achieve time bound delivery of justice to the consumers.


      There are 22 District forums and a state commission in Jharkhand. Case Monitoring system is an intranet based application to record the proceedings of cases registered by complainants or appellants in consumer courts and provides an easy retrieval of information. Thus the job of monitoring the status of multiple cases as well as maintaining their statistics is highly simplified

      The salient features are:

      • Automated scrutiny process
      • Generates case number automatically
      • Reduces the delay in preparation of cause list.
      • Helps storage and easy retrieval of judgments.
      • Helps to obtain the case status easily.
      • Helps litigants to obtain copies of judgment.
      • Generates administrative reports for e.g.

      Particulars of cases filed and pending .
      Particulars of disposed off cases within 90 days,90 days to 150 days, Above 150 days.
      By selecting any duration and state.
      Cases filed, disposed and pending since inception, yearly & quarterly basis.
      Cases filed disposed and pending State / District wise.
      Daily case monitoring at the state consumer commission and the district consumer forums has been streamlined. A dedicated networking connects NCDRC, SCDRC, District forums etc.
      Platform is web based application using J2EE and WAS with DB2.


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  • Online passport
    • NIC joined hands with MEA to overhaul the citizen interface for issuance of Passport. Since then, the process has improved on a day-to-day basis. In this journey, the most important reward has been a better level of comfort to our citizens seeking a passport. The computerization of passport office, Ranchi was entrusted to NIC during 2003.

      Passport Control & Issuance System (PCIS) is complete solution which starts with the submission of application for passport. The details are entered and a number of checks, local as well as online with central database are carried out before the passport is printed out for distribution. The work of individual passport office may be divided into various stages of computerization.

      These can be categorized as follows:

      • Acceptance and processing of applications
      • Revenue management
      • Police report linking
      • PAC checking
      • Objection letters
      • Granting and Allotment of passports
      • Passport booklet accounting
      • Machine-Printed passports
      • Dispatch of passports
      • Storage and retrieval of passport data.
      • Monitoring of performance of PIAs.
      • Increased security through checks.
      • Management of undelivered passports
      • MIS/Statistical Reports
      • E-mail /Internet services
      • Across the counter Enquiry
      • Tele-enquiry
      • Web-enquiry


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  • Networking of Government Buildings of the State Capital
    • Raj Bhawan & its secretariat, CM House and its Secretariat, Vidhan Sabha, the two Secretariat Buildings and 11 other Directorate and important Government buildings were networked having more than 400 nodes. The architecture included Fibre optics, CAT5 and VSATs.

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  • State wide Video Conferencing infrastructure setup
    • All the 22 districts and 50 chambers of Ministers and secretaries were put on VC network of NIC. Hybrid backbone of VSAT, IP and ISDN were used to provide the setup.

      • Result Publications on web
      • Support to Assembly and Parliamentary elections
      • Conducting of various video conferencing based inaugurations.
      • Design, Development & Hosting of various web sites. Some major ones are as follows.


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