Jharkhand: The 28th state of the Indian Union came into existence on 15th November '2000 with Ranchi as its capital.
Jharkhand has Bihar in the North, Orissa in the south, West Bengal in the east , Chattisgarh and U.P. in the west. It spans over 310 km along North-south and 457 km along East-West.

Ranchi, the capital of the state is a plateau made up mainly of granite and nice stones at a height of 600 meter.
The slopes of the plateau give rise to various beautiful falls like DASAM, HUNDRU, JONHA, GAUTAMDHARA etc on the way of the rivers. Some major rivers are- North Koyal, South Koyal, Phalgu, Sakari, Pancham, Damodar, Swarna Rekha, Barakar, Sankh, Ajay. Swarnarekha is an independent river merging directly with the sea.

Parasnath Hill is the highest peak of the state at a height of 1358 meters.
There are 31 main tribes in the state out of which 17 are major and 14 are minor. Santhal, Oraon, Munda and Ho lead the tribal population of the state. Various tribes, variety in their dresses, cultures, languages and life style add multi colour to the state.

The state is 15th in the country in terms of area. Ranchi is the largest populated city and Lohardagga is the least populated city. Dhanbad is on top and Gumla at bottom in the population density list.
Jharkhand covers 16% of the total minerals of the country. It is famous for its rich mineral resources like Uranium, Mica, Bauxite, Granite, Gold, Silver, Graphite, Magnetite, Dolomite, Fireclay, Quartz, Fieldspar, Coal (32% of India), Iron, Copper (25%of India) etc. Forests and woodlands occupy more than 29% of the state, which is amongst the highest in India

It has been the land of braves and warriors. Ashoka, samudragupta, Moguls none could ever have a presence here. Bhagwan Birsa Munda, Thakur Viswanath Sahdeo, Gaya Munda, Sanre Munda, Sukhram Munda, Jatra Bhagat were some of the great warriors who fought against the britishers and sacrificed their lives.

There should be a special mention for the people, Tana Bhagats of Jharkhand for whom paying obeisance to the national flag, singing Vande Mataram, the national song of the country and following the Gandhian values is part of their daily routine.

NIC Jharkhand State Centre

NIC Jharkhand State Centre (JHSC), is at the forefront in implementing ICT based projects for the state government, and has earned many laurels towards implementing projects which has initiated e-governance in different sectors the state.
The reach of NIC at all the districts of the state along with the state center at Ranchi helped the state in implementing its major e-Governance projects. The implementation of State Wide Area Network (JharNet) by the state government has solved the last mile connectivity problem, creating a seamless backbone for connectivity up to the block level from the state capital, facilitating video conferencing, IP telephony and Data center based services.
Coupled with IT consultancy and software design, development & implementation, NIC with its high speed state of art Network - NICNET has augmented the efforts in providing ICT based citizen services, data /video connectivity, web hosting etc. and has emerged as a total IT solution provider to the state government.

Establishment of Data Centre

A state of art "Data & Network Centre "(iNOC) having terabyte of storage space and high speed communication link, has been established at NIC Ranchi. NICNET has expanded up to the 22 districts of Jharkhand. All the districts are connected to State Network Centre. The data centre is secured through CISCO PIX redundant Firewalls along with IPS for Intrusion prevention. The antivirus server helps in smooth operation of the nodes. NIC Data Centre is connected through NICNET at State Head Quarter, Ranchi. It consists of 1 TB Storage Area Network (SAN) with 10 servers. The data centre provides Hosting platforms like Apache over Linux/IIS over Windows with Oracle, MySQL and PGSQL database. The cluster servers with Oracle RAC are provided for high availability and high reliability. Several Citizen centric applications are hosted in the data centre. Applications like SAMWAD and e-NAGRIKSEWA are the two most used applications. Apart from this Court case monitoring system and Transport monitoring system are of great help to the citizen as well as administrators.

Web Hosting

NIC has been actively involved in providing information services by representing the state and its important institutions to the cyber community through development and hosting of websites. The details about the state can be found at Apart from the above NIC has hosted more than fifty websites of other govt. departments, PSU's, etc.

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